email verification

email validation features

Always make sure your leads are valid and up to date with the latest technology. All emails are checked in real-time to be as fresh as possible.

Syntax Eliminator

Email addresses with invalid syntax are flagged immediately

Disposable Email Checker

Checks  if the email address is from a disposable email provider like Mailinator.

Risk Validation

Runs scans against High Risk Keywords and TLDs that an email address holds.

Domain Confirmation

The email addresses containing inactive, invalid or parked Domains are flagged

Catch-all Domain Checker

Responser can identify domains that are catch-all, which return valid for all emails.

MTA Validation

Checks for the Email Transfer Agent on whether it has a Valid MIX Records or not.

Complaints Flagging

All the emails matching a large global Database of complaints are flagged.

Spam Trap Flagging

All records of spam are flagged thanks to our Intelligent Spam-Trap Indicators.