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5 Tips Why Your Marketing Campaign Needs A Contest Form
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A contest is a great way to gain attention from your possible customers. It encourages them to take specific actions, such as register their name and email address, so they can be notified if they won the contest. The best thing about contest forms is that you have the tool to create an online contest for your marketing campaign. This is a great way to promote a brand and to gain new followers and leads for a company website. 

What is a Contents form, and what is it used for?

First, let’s define what a contest form is. A contest form is an interactive document that visitors can fill out and submit to enter a contest or giveaway. Contest forms make it easy to gather leads and give incentives for visitors to engage with your brand.

Let's look at why you need a contest form for your marketing campaign

Running a writing competition or rewarding your customers for being loyal to your brand all sound like good ideas, but sometimes the thought of really making it happen – and making it happen quickly – feels too daunting. 

Do you need a specially-designed landing page? Do you need to create a logo and print business cards (on recycled paper)? The answers to these questions will be different for each campaign, but there is one advantage that all contests and giveaways have in common: the need for a contest form for collecting participants’ information.

1. Using this contest form, it's simple to register for contests.

Contest forms are a great way to improve your contest which in turn can lead to better results (and more entries).  Most people use the contest form to share the contest with their friends and family.  But there's a hidden bonus you get from having a contest form.  It makes entering your contest so much easier for anyone interested.

Form Types

  • Competition Entry Form
  • Photo Contest Entry Form
  • Home Made Challenge Quilt Entry
  • Virtual Contest Registration Form
  • Poster Competition Form
  • Glendale Games 2017 Registration
  • Short Movie Contest Application
  • Registration form for international 
  • Powerlifting Championships Application form

2. Contest forms keep track of contestant’s data and information

Contest forms are an excellent way to create a contact database of potential clients, customers, or fans. Your contest form can be used to collect names, email addresses, phone numbers, or anything else you need for your marketing campaigns.

Form Types

  • Contest Entry
  • Drawing Entry Form 
  • Robotics Competition Registration Form
  • Washington State Championships 2018
  • Student Workshop Registration Form
  • Most Loved Baby Photo Contest 
  • Planning Engineer Registration contest form

3. Using the contest form, you can quickly analyze the competition.

I am sure you know the importance of running contests for brand building and engagement; we all know how helpful they can be. But what about analysis through the data collected through such contests? 

Simple analysis, such as like-to-comments, like-to-registration, like-to-win conversion ratio, and the like become really difficult with most of the available contest software’s; which is why I urge content organizers to try out contest forms

4. A Content Form is Better Than a Pop-Up

Contests are showing to be one of the more cost-effective ways to draw visitors to your website. It's usually less expensive compared to PPC or any other type of advertising. With Contests, you can find new ways to encourage user-generated content on your site, boost your Facebook traffic, and offer incentivized discounts.

Form Types

  • Social Media Contest Registration
  • Talent Show Auditions Sign Up Form
  • Dance Competition Registration Form
  • Popstar Singing Contest Registration Form
  • Beauty Pageant Registration Form
  • Gaming Tournament Registration
  • Swimming Competition enrollment form
  • Competition Registration Form
  • Photo Contest Free Entry

5. You may save time and effort by using the contest form.

Contests are a very effective tool to bring customers close to you and make your online brand popular. When you decide to hold a contest, generally, you have to create contest rules, choose a prize, select the winner etc. In practice, you spend a significant amount of time organizing an event. Using contests form will save your time and effort.

Form Types

  • Promotional Contest Registration
  • Customized Skincare Routine
  • Baby Photo Contest Registration Form
  • Talent Show Registration Form
  • Junior Cricket League Entry Form
  • Poetry Contest Registration Form
  • Team List Submission Form
  • Print Competition Form
  • Holiday Contest Entry Form
  • Invention Contest Entry Form


Contest Forms

Finally, Contest forms are an awesome way to engage your friends, family, and even customers into participating in your marketing campaign. If you're doing any sort of contest (such as a giveaway, vote contest, poll contest, etc) this form will allow you to easily manage the entry process.