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5 Tips On Simplifying The Food And Beverage Ordering Process For Your Customers
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Simply put, streamlining the food and beverages ordering process for your customers cuts out unnecessary steps and makes it easier for your clients to place orders. And if your clients can place orders easily and quickly, then that means one fewer obstacle for you and them to worry about. 

Streamlining also gives you more face time with your client and therefore offers you the chance to build relationships, promote special events and create a certain level of brand loyalty – all things that will help boost business in the long run. 

How do the food order forms work?

An order form is a powerful tool when it comes to online sales. It allows you to collect information about your audience, in addition to the actual orders that they have placed through your e-commerce store. By being in charge of your audience, you are in control.

Your customers should be able to order the food and beverages that they like, in the way that works best for them. At the end of the day, it's important to remember that you're not selling cups and cartons; you're selling an experience. 

Get your customers to try something new with these five helpful tips to simplify the ordering process for your restrained clients.

1. Get rid of the paper

Paper order forms are unnecessary and time-consuming for your customers. Did you know that most businesses only collect 20-30% of their paper order forms? That's right, more than 70% of the paper order forms are tossed in the trash never to be seen again. This type of waste needs to be eliminated immediately!

Retail food and beverage establishments need to get organized before it’s too late. In the past, paper forms were critical for restaurant orders but things have changed and that ancient practice needs to change too.

Your business needs to get up to speed with efficient food ordering forms for a restaurant by serving hungry customers how they want it. Food and beverage order forms are the answer to your problems.

Form Types

  • Restaurant Order Form
  • Festival Food Order Template
  • Sandwich Order Form Template
  • Food Online Order Form
  • Pizza Order Form
  • Food Online Order Form
  • Grocery Order Form
  • Custom Bakery Order Form
  • Bakery Products Order Form

2. Avoid spreadsheets at all costs.

Given how quickly the world is becoming more digital, you may believe that spreadsheets are acceptable because they are not paper. Although spreadsheets eliminate the need for paper in data management, they might result in just as much labour if you're continually checking excel files to see if orders have been completed, what accounts need to be paid, or what stock quantities you have on hand. 

This is a highly time-consuming and tedious task! With this in mind, you might want to consider making the switch to online forms.

Form Types

  • Stripe Online Food Order Form
  • Detailed Food Menu
  • Drink Order Form
  • Menu Order Form
  • Catering Request Form
  • Grocery Delivery Form
  • Bagel Order Form
  • Vegetable Order Form

3. Digital invoices should be used

Often in restaurants and bars, there is a lot of paperwork and orders can end up looking like an accounting nightmare. This is why using the right technology and digital invoicing is so important. In this article, I am going to cover some of the food & beverage order form templates that have been optimized for e-invoicing.

Once an order is completed and the payment is received, the form generates an invoice in seconds. The generated invoice can contain the information that you have entered into the Food & Beverage Order Form such as order number, customer details, menu images, item amount and description etc.

Form Types

  • Food Store Order Form
  • Seminar Lunch Menu
  • Restaurant Catering Order Form 
  • Bakery Order Inquiry Form
  • Burger Order Form
  • Coffee Order Form
  • Food Pre-Order Form
  • Girl Scout Cookie Order Form

4. Add online payment options to your account

With more and more consumers making purchases online, many e-Commerce merchants are doing their best to accommodate them. One way to do that is by adding an option for online payment on your order forms. Restaurant owners can also benefit from it as it will improve your business’s cash flow and boost its profits. By adding this convenient option to your order form now, you can also enjoy long-term benefits such as increased demand and access to new markets

Form Types

  • Everyday Lunch Deal form
  • Build Your Own Sandwich form
  • Food Evaluation Form
  • Lockdown Food Order Form
  • Curbside Pickup Order Form
  • School Lunch Order Form

5. Manage all of your retail orders in one place.

Organizing all of your retail orders shouldn’t be a hassle. You shouldn’t waste time and money by checking every order and finding the ones that need to be done right now. If you haven’t created a system to manage all of your orders efficiently, I have a guide that can help. The Food & Beverage Order Forms will tell you everything you need to know about how to manage your orders from start to finish.

Form Types

  • Meal Kit Delivery Order Form
  • Detox Drinks Order Form
  • Corporate Catering Menu Order Form
  • Pizza Hut Order Form
  • Candy Order Form Template
  • BlueSnap Food Online Order Form
  • Restaurant Online Order Form
  • Seafood Order Form
  • Wine Order Form


Food & Beverage Order Forms

With the advent of smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets, paperless restaurant order forms have become the norm in restaurants all over the world. Not only do they save money on time and printing costs, but they also create a better experience for the customer and make life easier for the staff.