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5 Tips for Increasing Online Sales with Pre-Order Forms
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An online pre order form can do a ton for your business. If you're a retailer, they give your customers the chance to be the first on their block to own your latest product. If you're a publisher, they allow readers to get their hands on a book as soon as it comes out. In either case, an online pre order form is a great way to make sure you have plenty of money coming in before the product even hits the shelves.

Online pre order forms help boost sales when you're running a business. One of the best ways to do this is by turning customers into loyal fans who share your brand with their own friends and followers. 

Here are five tips to help you increase your sales with online pre order forms:

1. Aside from order, give it another catchy name

The key to increasing your online order conversions is to make sure your customers know they can complete their order 100% online. To do this, avoid calling your web form an “order” or “checkout.” These words immediately make your customer think of a manual transaction where they need to wait for their purchase to arrive in the mail. To turn more of these tire-kickers into completed sales, try simply calling your form something else like “Risk-Free Trial” or “Acceptance Form.”

Form Types

  • T-Shirt Pre-Order Form
  • Matilda Jane Pre-order
  • Food Pre-Order Form
  • Good Hart Pre-order
  • Curbside Pickup Pre-Order Form

1. Enhance the Copy

Form Types

The way you write your order form can have a profound impact on its conversion rate. A poor-performing order form marred by run-on sentences and wordiness can be the biggest bottleneck in your website's conversion funnel. It's easy to get carried away by all the tiny details of your product or service -- but don't forget about the order form which stands between your potential clients and their eventual purchase of your product or service.

Form Types

  • Pre-Order Form
  • Product Pre-Order Form
  • Restaurant Pre Order Form
  • Pre Order Book Form
  • School Lunch Pre Order Form
  • Color Street spring pre-order Form
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Pre Order Form
  • Scentsy Nightmare Before Christmas Form

3. Don't amass an excessive amount of data

Sometimes, it seems like there's no end to the amount of information you need to collect about your customers. However, if you want to increase sales and make your website more attractive to potential customers, make sure you only ask for the data that is absolutely required for completing the transaction.

Form Types

  • Fall pre-order 
  • Holiday Collection Form
  • Christmas Menu Pre Order Form
  • Magazine Pre Order Form
  • Sale Pre-Order Form
  • Gifts Pre-Order Form

4. Suggested Upsells are a great way to increase your revenue

There are some clear advantages to offering your customers the chance to buy additional products or services, also known as up-sells and cross-sells. They’re often designed to expand on the initial items purchased to offer complimentary items which will increase the value of the purchase. 

This sounds like a no-brainer and so thinking but you’d be surprised at how many online stores fail to take advantage of this easy way to boost profits. Here are the pre-order forms to help you just do that.

Form Types

  • School Visit Pre-Order Form
  • Website Order Form
  • Shake Order Form
  • Fall Pre-Order Form
  • Color Street Fall pre-order!
  • Menu Pre-Order Form
  • Harvest Collection Pre-order
  • Seriously Spooky Pre-Order

5. Ensure the safety of your customers

Be sure you note clearly on the order form that all information collected from the customer is protected and encrypted, and safe from hackers. Many people are still wary of using their credit cards online, so assure them that their information is completely safe and will not be hacked or shared with any other third party. This includes the little details like getting rid of any pop-ups or messages that inform them that they are shopping at your website.


Pre-Order Forms

Finally, your e-commerce store has a solid foundation, a steady flow of visitors, and a highly targeted mailing list. Your conversion rates are great, but you need to boost your online sales. The only way to do that is by tweaking your order form with the above 5 effective tips to turn visitors into customers.