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Streamline all aspects of lead management.

Lead management

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Close more deals with a centralized approach to lead management. Gain instant access to privileged data using fine-grained analytics that reveal a visitor’s geographic location, IP information, and contact details.

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Automatically organize all available contact information into detailed profiles. See every interaction you’ve already had.

Stop bouncing between tools.

Responser gives you everything you need to take control over the lead generation process. Catch up with partial leads, optimize form completion rates, and drive conversions.

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Streamline all aspects of lead management.

Lead management

Lead Management

In today's digital era, having a solid data collection strategy is critical for businesses. Online tools that facilitate data collection are integral components of this strategy, providing a user-friendly interface for building custom forms. However, these platforms often lack certain advanced features that could significantly enhance data collection efforts. This is where a specialized tool like Responser comes in, augmenting existing platforms and delivering a superior data collection and analysis experience.

While online data collection platforms are popular and accessible, they often fall short in offering advanced features. Key functionalities like 'Save For Later', in-depth funnel analytics, and comprehensive tracking of form abandonment are typically not available natively in these platforms. Despite their limitations, these platforms remain valuable tools in their own right and can greatly benefit from the extended functionalities offered by a tool like Responser.

Enriching Data Collection with Responser

Responser complements any data collection platform, delivering a suite of advanced features that greatly enhance the data collection and management process:

Comprehensive Form and Lead Analytics

Responser offers detailed form and lead analytics:

  • Save For Later: This feature allows users to save their progress and complete the form at their own pace, which is not typically offered by most platforms.
  • Partial Form Submissions: By tracking and analyzing partial form submissions, you can gain access to valuable behavioral data.
  • Form Abandonment and Half-filled Forms: Responser's form abandonment tracking can identify exactly where users drop off, providing crucial information that can inform optimization strategies.
  • Form Funnel Analytics: Responser delivers a comprehensive view of a form's performance, tracking the user's journey from the start of the form to conversion or abandonment.

Enhanced User Engagement and Understanding

With Responser, you can leverage advanced user engagement tools:

  • Form Auto-responder for Abandoned Forms: Automatically sending emails to users who abandon forms can help re-engage them and prompt them to complete their submission.
  • Pre-fill Forms When User Returns: This feature enhances the overall user experience, especially for longer forms, by remembering user input.

Improved Validation and Optimization

Responser provides superior validation and optimization tools:

  • Automatic Fake/Real Email Validation: This feature helps to eliminate false leads by checking email authenticity.
  • Automatic Phone Validation For 200+ Countries: Responser's phone validation can help ensure the accuracy of collected data.

By integrating Responser into your data collection strategy, you can overcome the limitations of conventional online tools and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your data collection and analysis efforts.

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Saving Partial Forms
Track Referrals on Partial Forms
Pre-fill Forms at user Return
Built-in Email Autoresponder
GEO IP: Country, State & City
IP-Type; Edu, Business, VPN
User Organization Information
User Device, Source & Medium
Instant Lead Notification
Automatic Email Validation
Phone Validation all Countries
Email Opened & Click Tracking
Autoresponder own Domain
Complete Funnel Analytics
User Activity Timeline

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