What is Jotform?

JotForm is an online no-code form-creating platform with a simple design but enhanced proficiency that allows users to produce and publish different forms, generate fillable PDF forms, and collect and record responses from the audience. It consists of an innate drag-and-drop feature that transforms your form building experience into an incredibly smooth one.

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JotForm Key Features

With its ability to create professionally designed forms and surveys with a wide range of styling options, JotForm accelerates your everyday tasks by simplifying them and making them highly customized. It helps in collecting orders, conducting customer surveys, selling products, and creating job applications.

The main feature of JotForm is the massive library of templates it offers that allows you to create forms, whether it's the surveys for marketing research or employment forms. It consists of over 10,000 templates that make form-making simple or bombard you with ideas to make your template from scratch as it also offers a variety of tools.

JotForm also features a one-question-per-page design and an option to add a submit toggle on every page to collect responsive and unsubmitted data. It lets you add your logos and offers a selection of striking backgrounds, animations, and colour schemes to compliment your company logo. Another feature of JotForm is its conditional logic to create dynamic forms, which is a great way to get interactive and calculated results. It also comprises a tool to display the form fields according to the respondent, which allows them to be more active and encourages them to complete the form.

JotForm Extensions & Addons

Some of the extensions and add-ons for JotForm are Databox, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Zuko, Google notifier, and Integromat.

JotForm Form Types

With its simple design combined with advanced abilities, JotForm is an incredible online form building platform that creates interactive online and pdf forms within seconds. It enables you to generate all kinds of surveys and forms like Application Forms, Enrolment Forms, Signup Forms, Award Forms, Subscription Forms, Polls, Donation Forms, etc. It also offers a feature of JotForm tables for continuous and seamless collaborations.

JotForm Integrations

JotForm allows you to upgrade your experience of online forms with a wide range of integrations with continuously evolving form applications. It helps in better communication and understanding with your audience. These integrations are classified into Analytics and reporting, blogging integrations, CMS and CRM integrations, File sharing and storage, Payment processors, Mapping applications, Data management applications, and Emailing applications.

JotForm Partial Submssions

>In JotForm, it is necessary to press the submit toggle to collect the data. However, to save partial submissions, you can create forms with more than one page and add multiple submit buttons to collect as much data as possible. Moreover, JotForm contains an edit option that you can email to the respondent to complete their entry. You can view the unsubmitted data with the user’s session URL

JotForm Save For Later

JotForm understands the difficulty in filling a 10-page form in only one sitting. The users can get tired or, an emergency can occur. To evade any loss of your data, JotForm offered a two-form solution using the Page break component. But they modified it into a simple integral feature by setting up a ‘Continue forms later’ option recently that eliminates any future loss.

JotForm Abandoned & Half Filled Forms

>Unfortunately, JotForm does not contain a Form abandonment feature but with its option to add multiple submit buttons, the data filled by the respondent will be recorded.

JotForm Form Funnels

JotForm contains its very own Form Analytics that helps in keeping track and understanding the audience. It includes:
-Number of submissions (per month or year)
-Number of views
-Location of the respondent
-The device used
-Conversion rate
-Average time‍

JotForm Email Autoresponder

JotForm works with two types of email alerts, Notification Email, and Autoresponder Email. Autoresponder email allows you to send the respondents a quick and already drafted reply along with a copy of their data submitted data. Similarly, in a Notification email, you get notified when the respondent fills your form so that you can reply with a message and their data, as sending an email right away is not always the correct way.

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