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10 Tips on Understanding Form Conversion and Strategies to Enhance It

It’s that one term you never want to hear when it comes to your lead generation campaigns, and for good reason.

Form conversion is an integral part of the online lead generation process. Yet, for many businesses, form abandonment, which happens when visitors leave your site without filling out the form, is a major concern. Industry averages indicate that a staggering 68% of forms are abandoned, resulting in a success rate of just over 30%. In certain sectors, the form abandonment rate is even as high as 81%.

Rather than viewing this as an inescapable part of doing business online, it is possible to reduce form abandonment and increase form conversions. This article outlines several strategies to enhance form conversion rates and help you turn visitors into leads more effectively.

1. Salvage Partial Entries Through Follow Up

Visitors frequently abandon forms because they get distracted, forget about them, or encounter technical issues. One effective strategy to address this problem is to save partial entries and send follow-up messages or retargeting emails. These are gentle reminders that prompt the visitor to return to your website and complete the form. Retargeting ad campaigns can also serve the same purpose if you have the resources to implement them.

2. Enhance Form Conversion with Clear Copy

Your site's copy is the first impression of your business for many visitors. If your copy is poorly written, laden with jargon, or otherwise hard to understand, visitors are less likely to fill out your forms. To increase form conversion, ensure that your copy is both succinct and easy to comprehend.

3. Highlight the Benefits of Form Completion

Your customers need to understand the benefits they will gain by filling out your forms. This could range from accessing a white paper or entering a draw, to receiving free products or services. Frequently reminding your audience about these potential benefits can encourage them to complete the form.

4. Identify and Address Bottlenecks with Tracking Software

Using tracking software can help identify technical issues that may cause form abandonment, such as dysfunctional text boxes or inaccessible dropdown menus. By analyzing where and when each abandonment occurred, you can identify and address these issues effectively.

5. Optimize Forms for Mobile Use

With an increasing number of people browsing the web on their mobile devices, it's essential to ensure that your forms are mobile-friendly. A form that can easily be filled out on a smartphone or tablet can significantly increase your conversion rates.

6. Establish Trustworthiness to Encourage Form Conversion

To convince visitors to share their private data, you must establish yourself as a trustworthy entity. Be transparent about your objectives and your mistakes. By showing that you're human and fallible, you can foster a sense of trust with your audience.

7. Improve User Experience with Sensible Validation Rules

Misimplemented validation rules can hinder form completion and lead to form abandonment. Rather than relying on post-submission validation, consider using inline validation. This method highlights incomplete or incorrect fields as the user fills out the form, preventing the frustration of having to redo everything.

8. Simplify Your Forms for Better Conversion

Keep your forms as straightforward as possible to encourage form completion. Stick to collecting only the essential information for now; there will be opportunities to gather more details later.

9. Enhance Form Design

An appealing and user-friendly form design can capture and hold the visitor's attention, increasing the likelihood of form completion. Consider investing in a graphic designer to ensure your form looks professional and inviting.

10. Implement a Progress Bar for Long Forms

If your form is long or complex, it can be helpful to include a progress bar or a similar visual indicator. This gives users an idea of how much more they need to complete and can motivate them to finish the form, as they can see the end in sight. A progress bar can help reduce form abandonment by providing users with a sense of progress and accomplishment, ultimately boosting your form conversion rates.

Conclusion: Combat Form Abandonment with Conversion Optimization

Dealing with form abandonment can feel daunting, but with careful optimization and a thoughtful approach to potential issues, you can enhance your form conversion rates. The result is more effective lead generation and an improved bottom line. Ready to tackle your form abandonment challenges head-on? Get in touch with one of our form specialists today to get started.

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