What is Google Forms?

Google form is an online form-creating platform that allows data collection by creating simple personalized forms, quizzes, and polls related to any field and sharing it with your desired audience. It consists of an easy-to-use interface and is free for all people with Google accounts. With an option to connect it with Google Sheets, the users can collect and save data all in one platform

Google Forms Key Features

Google Forms is a comparatively basic form builder, but with features that allow the user to create standard surveys and forms. It offers 12 field types with 9 question types that include;
short answers, paragraph, multiple choice, checkboxes, drop-down, file upload, linear scale, multiple-choice, and checkbox grid.

This variety of question types allow the user to create more interactive forms that make a good impression on the audience. Google Forms also offers form sections and logic jumps that enables the user to direct the respondent according to their answers. It helps in getting more detailed and variable answers from the audience. It also contains an incredible feature of adding collaborators to your form. The users can share a link created by Google forms with anyone that they want to work with that will allow them to add, edit, and manage the form with you. This feature is helpful when the user is working in a group and result in more unique forms.

Google Forms & Training section offers more advice

Google Forms Extensions & Addons

Google Forms extends with numerous add-ons that include Integromat, Slack Notifier, SurveyMonkey, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, etc.

Google Form Types

Google Forms works with all kinds of simple and complex forms to gather data. From questionnaires to customized surveys, Google Forms enables the user to create feedback forms, applications, and job forms, event management forms, order forms along with pop quizzes and polls.

Google Form Integrations

For better understanding and communication with the audience and dynamic forms, Google Forms integrates with a wide range of industries, which categorizes into these types: Marketing and analytics, Sales and CRM, Accounting &Finance, Administration & Management, Web Development, Office Applications, Task Management, and ERP and logistics.

Some of the software intregreations are Kloudio, Zapier, Google Sheets, Trello, Streak, etc.

Google Form Partial Submssions

Google Forms does not offer a feature of saving partial submissions but, its conditional logic questions allow the respondent to save the half-filled forms that enable the users to collect the partially filled data.

Google Form Save For Later

Google Forms is the easiest form-building tool, but it does not have the 'Save Forms for later' feature that gives the respondent option to complete the form in more than one sitting. However, with its question logic, the users can take the respondents to the submit button by adding a multiple-choice question at the end. This option will give the respondent choices to whether to complete the form or submit the half-filled form.

This has been a common drawback on Google Forms for years, for example in the Google Forums users ask "Can a student save responses in a Google Form and return to finish it the following day?"

The best answer was provided by Google : You can do this in the form settings if you click the box in the form settings to allow response editing. The student would then need to submit the form and save the edit responses link that pops up after submission.

However, as a savvy Google Form user and teacher soon pointed out:

Effectively no. That link to save edit responses is close to useless, who will remember to save the link and even how to save the link? I'm very good at technology and I more likely to close it with an oh shoot than I am to remember how to save the link.

She even provides a handy 8-step process to circumvent the problem with Save Forms For Later.

UPDATE: Google has now announced the beta program for auto-save features:

When responding to a Google Form, Quiz or Quiz assignment in Classroom while signed into your Google Workspace account, your progress will automatically be saved as a draft for 30 days from your last edit or until the form is completed.

However, the availability will be limited:


  • Available to Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals, Education Plus, Education Standard, and Teaching and Learning Upgrade customers
  • Not available to Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus, as well as G Suite Basic, Business, Frontline, and Nonprofits customers

Google Forms Abandonment & Half Filled Forms

Google Forms does not contain form abandonment features that allow the data collection of the forms that are partially completed.

Google Form Funnel Analytics

Form Analytics is limited in Google Forms to only analyzing your data displayed into charts automatically chosen by the platform. Nevertheless, the users can connect Google forms with Google sheets that enable custom data visualization, pivot table, and exporting data to other statistical software. Google Forms can also work with Google Analytics that help you with your strategizes and objectives with their KPIs and metrics that include: Audience, Conversion rate, Acquisition, and behavior.

Google Form Email Autoresponder

It is convenient to have an Email autoresponder feature to send an already typed response to your respondents. Unfortunately, Google Forms does not offer this feature yet.</p><p>Responser offers email autoresponders and form-abandonment features that help capture both converted and abandoned leads with automatic syncing and downloading. Whereas Google Forms is a simple form creator that does not offer email autoresponders or abandoned form features.

Google Form FAQ

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Form FAQ

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