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Customer Feedback Software

Zonka Feedback

An online form builder that allows you to create customizable forms.

Low-Code App Development Platform

Zoho Creator

A scheduling tool that integrates with your calendar and makes booking easy.

Booking Software

An easy to use form builder for any type of online form.

Form Builder

Yay! Forms

An online form builder that helps you create and fill in forms.


A WordPress plugin for creating contact forms, email subscription forms, etc.

WordPress Form Builder Plugin


A drag and drop form builder for WordPress with a variety of features.

WordPress Form Builder Plugin

WP Fluent Forms

A WordPress plugin that allows documents to be legally signed online.

Digital Signature WordPress Plugin

WP E-Signature by Approve Me

A platform to measure and boost customer happiness using Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Customer Experience Management

Wootric by InMoment

A platform for creating viral competitions, surveys, and social media events.


A video hosting platform with viewer analytics and video marketing tools.

Video Hosting for Businesses


A plugin that transforms any WordPress site into a full-fledged membership site.

Membership Site Plugin for WordPress

WishList Member

A platform that helps companies gather and analyze customer feedback.

Customer Feedback Platform

WeHelp NPS®

A WordPress form builder that provides an easy interface for creating fully functional forms.

Open Source CRUD Application Builder


A feedback platform that helps software companies to collect customer feedback and measure user experience.


A set of free tools that let you collect feedback from users and measure user satisfaction.

Customer Feedback Tool


A visual feedback tool where you can collect and manage valuable feedback for all your web projects.

Customer Feedback Tool


A platform offering tools for building digital businesses without code.

No-Code Marketing Platform


A versatile data collection tool for professionals, Typeform helps users create dynamic forms, surveys, quizzes, and more.

Form Service


This is a form solution that integrates directly with Trello, turning form submissions into Trello cards.

Website Builder


A comprehensive tool for conducting surveys to gain insights, feedback, and ideas.


A digital survey solution that provides simple yet powerful survey solutions.

On-Site Engagement Tool


An online booking system that includes forms for customer intake.

Customer Feedback Software


A free online form builder, create HTML forms and surveys.


A tool for gathering visitor feedback with targeted surveys on websites and apps.


A platform that measures and helps improve customer loyalty using NPS.

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