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Visual Form Builder

A dynamic front-end for MySQL or PostgreSQL databases written in PHP and Javascript.

Wufoo Forms

An online form builder that's easy to use, with a clean, intuitive interface that requires no coding.


A full-fledged form kit to create interactive, conversational forms and surveys.

Zoho Forms

Zoho Creator is a low-code app development platform that lets you build web and mobile forms for data collection.

WordPress Form Builder Plugin


A provider of online survey software for creating online surveys.


An online form builder that lets you design customized forms, collect data, and even build workflows.

Pabbly Form

A platform to create interactive content for lead generation like calculators and quizzes.

Microsoft Forms

A platform that simplifies scheduling and online meetings for businesses.

Ninja Forms

An app that provides digital forms to automate documentation, reporting, and orders.

Kali Forms

A platform providing tools to increase engagement within K-12 school communities.


A powerful plugin for building and managing different kinds of forms for WordPress.

Hubspot Forms

A payment processing service that includes a web form builder for accepting payments.


A referral marketing software for tech startups.

Gravity Forms

A tool to create, manage, and analyze user feedback on your website.

Google Forms

A tool that allows collecting information from users via a personalized survey or quiz.


A versatile online form builder that provides all the functionality you need to streamline information collection.


An online form builder for creating various types of forms, surveys, and online order forms.


A form builder which creates responsive forms for all devices.


A free WordPress plugin that enables you to create forms, polls, quizzes, and more.

Formidable Forms

A WordPress plugin that is a form builder and also allows you to create views from form data.

Form Maker

A WordPress form builder that lets you create complex forms via a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Caldera Forms

A WordPress plugin with a drag and drop responsive form builder.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7: Streamlining custom contact form creation and management with spam protection on WordPress

Cognito Forms

An online form builder that allows you to create, publish, and manage forms.

Everest Forms

A WordPress plugin with a drag and drop interface for building forms.

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