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You work with thousands of affiliates. The number of leads coming to your website at any given time is frankly overwhelming. But how many of those leads actually convert, and how many of them abandon your site? Most iGaming businesses have an average form abandonment rate of about 58% from view to start — we can help you do better.

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Drill Down and Find Your Most Valuable Leads

Drill Down and Find Your Most Valuable Leads

People aren't always in a gambling mindset, so if someone abandons a form on your site, you need to remarket to them immediately. With Responser, you can do exactly that, while also automatically validating your leads. More importantly, our platform provides you with deep insights into who your leads are, allowing you to connect with them that much more effectively.

Promote Timely Conversions

If a lead abandons their form, immediately and automatically follow-up with them, offering upsells and/or promotions to drive conversions.

Measure Your Marketing

Determine which marketing channels and affiliates are providing you the most qualified leads. Filter by source, geo, form completeness, and more to see where you're driving meaningful results.

See Your Strengths

Filter your results by games, bonuses, and more to determine what segments of your site are doing well, and where you could stand to improve.

Increase Your Long-term Value

Find your untapped markets, and see where you're dominant, then use this data to build a loyal base of long-term, repeat users.

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Take a More Calculated Approach

Maintaining a business, especially in a competitive space like iGaming, is always a bit of a gamble. But with the right lead management and recapturing tools, it can be made significantly less so. Responser can be just that for your business — contact us to learn more