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You work with thousands of affiliates. The number of leads coming to your website at any given time is frankly overwhelming. But how many of those leads actually convert, and how many of them abandon your site? Most iGaming businesses have an average form abandonment rate of about 58% from view to start — we can help you do better.

Through online sign-ups, surveys, and betting activity

Drill Down and Find Your Most Valuable Leads

People aren't always in a gambling mindset, so if someone abandons a form on your site, you need to remarket to them immediately. With Responser, you can do exactly that, while also automatically validating your leads. More importantly, our platform provides you with deep insights into who your leads are, allowing you to connect with them that much more effectively.

Promote Timely Conversions

Promote Timely Conversions

If a lead abandons their form, immediately and automatically follow-up with them, offering upsells and/or promotions to drive conversions.


Measure Your Marketing

Determine which marketing channels and affiliates are providing you the most qualified leads. Filter by source, geo, form completeness, and more to see where you're driving meaningful results.

Measure Your Marketing

See Your Strengths

Filter your results by games, bonuses, and more to determine what segments of your site are doing well, and where you could stand to improve.


Increase Your Long-term Value

Find your untapped markets, and see where you're dominant, then use this data to build a loyal base of long-term, repeat users.

Increase Your Long-term Value
Gamblers, Betting Enthusiasts

Place Your Bets: Navigating Lead Management in the Online Casino and Sports Betting Industry

What's up, gaming aficionados! Get ready to dive into the thrilling arena of online casinos and sports betting. In this world, it's all about blending excitement with transparency and fairness. The secret to striking this balance? Exceptional lead management.

The House Always Wins: Lead Management & Web Forms

To truly get ahead in the game, understanding your players is key. And this knowledge is readily available to us via the magic of web forms. From sports enthusiasts placing bets on their favorite teams to casino lovers trying their luck online, web forms capture the relevant details.

Consider web forms as your round-the-clock casino, where players can stop by, share their info, and reveal their gaming styles. And here's the jackpot: by optimizing these web forms, you can up your conversion rates by a whopping 30%.

Combine these forms with a top-notch lead management tool like Responser, and your online gaming business can effectively transform data into winning strategies:

  • Automated follow-ups to keep the excitement high
  • Efficient lead scoring to spot high-rolling players
  • Swift lead recovery to reclaim any players who took a break

Bounce Back: Lead Recovery with Web Forms

Everyone loves a good comeback, right? With a targeted lead recovery plan and the data mined from your web forms, you can turn a 'maybe' into a 'count me in'!

Delivering a personalized follow-up message based on their gaming interests can spike your conversion rates by up to 10%.

Welcome to the Virtual Casino: Web Forms & Lead Generation

In today's digital landscape, the online casino and sports betting industry is placing its bets on web forms, and boy, are they paying off! They're the virtual 'open sign' that invites potential players into your interactive casino. In fact, an impressive 96% of online gaming operators are reaping the rewards of online lead generation.

Decoding Player Preferences: Your Jackpot

The information gathered via web forms is like striking gold. They give you unparalleled insights into your players' preferences and betting habits.

Here's an interesting fact: online gaming firms that use data-driven approaches are 23 times more likely to outrun their competitors. Here's how you can turn this data to your advantage:

  • Personalize gaming experiences to meet unique player needs
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns based on player behavior
  • Adapt your gaming offerings based on player feedback

Hit the Jackpot: The Power of Web Forms and Data

Deal 'em, because we're going all in: web forms are much more than just data collection tools. They're your secret weapon for stellar lead management, recovery, and generation, which can place your online gaming business at the top of the leaderboard.

When coupled with the functions of a lead management tool like Responser, you're ready to become a heavyweight in the online casino and sports betting industry. The house always wins, and in this case, you're the house!

The digital revolution in the gambling industry, transitioning from physical establishments to online platforms, has necessitated the innovative use of web forms. Deployed for online sign-ups, surveys, and monitoring betting activity, web forms have become an invaluable business tool in the industry, enabling businesses to tap into user behaviors and preferences like never before.

Web Forms: The Bedrock of Business Strategies in the Gambling Sector

The predicted growth of the online gambling market to reach USD 127.3 billion by 2027, according to Grand View Research, testifies to the transformative power of digitalization. Web forms, offering businesses a direct line to valuable user data from gamblers and betting enthusiasts, have become crucial in driving business strategies, product personalization, and data-driven marketing.

Online Sign-Ups: Crafting Targeted Marketing Strategies

Online sign-ups, the first point of user contact, are a treasure trove of demographic data such as age, gender, and location. A Statista report shows that as of 2023, males aged 25-34 constitute the largest demographic in the online gambling industry, making up approximately 40% of all users. By understanding their largest user base, businesses can craft targeted marketing strategies and create game offerings that appeal to this demographic.

Surveys: Fostering User-Centric Product Development

Surveys facilitated through web forms allow businesses to delve deeper into user preferences, gathering vital data on favored game types, user experiences, and platform preferences. A noteworthy finding from a 2023 survey by the UK Gambling Commission indicates that 60% of gamblers prefer betting on mobile platforms. Such insights inform businesses about the need for mobile-friendly gambling websites and applications, leading to user-centric product development.

Betting Activity: Analyzing User Behavior for Business Growth

Tracking betting activity through web forms provides rich insights into user behavior, informing businesses about popular games, betting amounts, and time spent on platforms. In 2023, Gambling Insider revealed that 70% of all bets were placed on mobile devices, with users spending an average of three hours per week on mobile gambling applications. Such statistics drive businesses to invest more in mobile platform development, pushing for business growth.

Fun Fact About the Gambling Industry

The shift from physical to digital has not only changed the way gamblers interact with the industry, but it has also positively affected public perception. A poll conducted by the American Gaming Association shows that 44% of American adults visited a casino in 2022, up from 44% in 2019, indicating an increasing acceptance of the gambling industry.


In today's digital age, web forms are a crucial business tool in the gambling industry. They serve as a conduit for gathering and analyzing user data, guiding businesses in crafting targeted marketing strategies, developing user-centric products, and ensuring sustainable business growth. As the landscape of the gambling industry continues to evolve, the role of web forms will only become more significant.

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