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Your leads are incredibly expensive to acquire, manage, and retain, while also being extremely valuable. So whenever a lead abandons one of your forms, you're missing out on a great deal of revenue. Unfortunately, form abandonment is an ongoing issue for many law firms, as an overwhelming form process results in poor completion rates. Don't let your own firm fall victim to this issue

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Recapture. Remarket. Reach Out.

Recapture. Remarket. Reach Out.

Responser's centralized lead management makes it easy for your law firm to keep track of its current and prospective clients. Form saving and an autoresponder, meanwhile, ensure that an abandoned form doesn't guarantee a lost lead.

Turn Partial Leads into Conversions

If someone abandons a form, you can see the data they've provided, giving you a second chance to reach them, following up if there's a case.

Optimize Your Marketing

Determine where your marketing spend will have the most impact, and see a breakdown of each specific channel.

Leverage Actionable Insights

Visualize the entire lead management process through multiple KPIs. Find out which lawyers are converting, and which have a high abandonment rate — and why.

Connect With Lost Leads

Save expensive leads through the fully included autoresponder. Bring back people who've abandoned their form.

Identify New Revenue Streams

See where your leads are coming from, and identify potential opportunities for expansion and partnerships. Optimize your existing services and potentially bring in new clients.

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Actionable Data, Concrete Insights

A single lost lead can be incredibly expensive to your firm. With Responser, you can help ensure you don't suffer that expense quite as frequently — and optimize your firm in the process.