What is Wufoo Forms?

Wufoo is an online form builder, which lets you build customized online forms that you can use to collect data, payments, and to automate your workflows. Wufoo online form builder comes with cloud storage.

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Wufoo Forms Key Features

Wufoo consists of multiple powerful features, which are all extremely easy to use, including features that let you collect data, payments, and automated workflows.

Some forms on Wufoo have powerful and intuitive features that allow anyone to make creative forms without using any type of code. The form builder has an award-winning drag n’ drop feature which makes the interface easy to use. It also comes with a Theme Designer where you can pick a selected theme, or create your own. Custom Branding is also included as a feature. With Wufoo, you can collect data, payment, and files, all on your own terms. If you have an online store you can collect your payments using the Accept Payments feature. You can upload files and go over them anytime you need, just upload them and right from your account. The Real-Time Notifications feature lets you know anytime someone finishes their form, through email or text.

Wufoo Forms Extensions & Addons

Wufoo includes multiple form extensions and add-ons including well-known platforms like Mailchimp, Dropbox, and Google Sheets. Some Form Extensions include WordPress, PayPal, and Asana.

Wufoo Form Types

Wufoo works with multiple types of forms, including forms for mailing lists, forms to record and collect online payments, employment applications, contact us forms. Wufoo has around 122 ready-made templates for your convenience and a search bar that makes it easier for you to pick what form you would want to work on. These templates range from Background Check forms to Tuition Fee Reimbursement Forms, to Performance Review Forms.

Wufoo Form Integrations

Wufoo has multiple features which make the form easier to use, and the various integration typers that the form is incorporated with make the entire form creation experience much easier. Wofoo is integrated with many other tools which help you do much more with your data. Some of these integrations include Dropbpx, Mailchimp, and Salesforce. Other integrations include Asana, Stripe, Google Sheets, WordPress and PayPal.

Wufoo Forms Partial Submissions

Wufoo Form Save For Later

Wufoo Abandoned Forms & Half Filled Forms

Abandoned form entries are only shown on multi-step forms and does not contain the information that was abandoned.

Wufoo Form Funnel

Yes, Wufoo has a page for Analytics which shows the overall statistics and information about your form. To access the form’s analytics page, just click the Analytics icon from the drop-down menu. There are multiple metrics that are shown on the analytics page, including Pageviews, Entries, Conversion Rate, Error Score, and Average Time.eviews show you the number of times your page has been visited. Entries show the number of entries that the responder has filled and are then broken down by location, region, country, and city. Conversion Rate shows the number of entries and then divides them by the total number of page views. Error Score gives you information about the total number of errors made divided by the total number of successful submissions. The Average Time lets you know how long respondents spend filling out the form.

Wufoo Form Email Responder

Yes, Wufoo has Email Autoresponders and can be sent once an entry is submitted. Wufoo was not designed for email marketing, so it is not possible to compose and send custom emails so that the integration with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor comes in. The automated replies work with standard emails, entry emails, confirmations, sample confirmation emails, payment emails, and sample receipt emails.

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