What is Cognito Forms?

Cognito Forms is an online form building platform with an accessible interface and intuitive design that makes it extremely easy to use even for a beginner. Cognito Forms allows the user to create, issue, and manage forms without any coding or other complicated structures. It gives the user a wide range of templates with 20+ form fields that they can use to create and style unlimited forms according to them.

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Cognito Forms Key Features

Cognito Forms have a flexible drag-and-drop editing tool that allows you to choose and customize a template or create a whole new layout of rows and columns for each field for your form. With its intuitive ability to reposition fields and adjusting multiple-choice options, you can create beautifully crafted forms and surveys in your style.‍

With tools that include fonts and background images, it also contains an incredible feature of responsive forms. Cognito forms create seamless forms that alter according to the user's device to avoid any zoom-ins or outs.

It also contains condition logic that enables the respondent to answer questions that are relatable to them and gives them a unique route throughout the form and multi-page forms to turn your complex forms into simple ones with progress bars and page breaks. It also offers electronic signature and document merging features that quickly create professional documents without wasting time or paper.

Cognito Forms Extensions & Addons

Some of the form Extensions and addons for Cognito forms are Microsoft power automate, Zapier, SharePoint, WordPress plugin, and Webhooks.

Cognito Form Types

Cognito Forms is an online form generating platform with an easy and straightforward design that allows a complete beginner to create incredible forms of different types within minutes. These forms include Application Forms, Contact Forms, Customer Service Forms, Medical Forms, Order Forms, Registration Forms, Reporting Forms, Survey Forms & Quizzes.

Cognito Form Integrations

Cognito forms allow integrations with numerous applications for smooth communication with your audience. These types include Analytics and reporting, CMS and CRM integrations, File sharing and storage, Payment processors, Marketing Automation, Data management applications, and Emailing applications. Some of the applications categorized under these types are Pipedrive, Trello, Google Drive, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Cognito Forms Partial Form Submssions

It is necessary to save as much data as you can to improve your results. For this, Cognito forms offer an option of saving partial submissions. When the respondent presses the save button on a partially filled form, it appears on the Entries page in the list of incomplete forms that will allow you to collect the data you require without being completed.

Cognito Forms Save For Later

Cognito forms contain a save and resume feature that enables the respondent to save their progress for later completion with a more thorough understanding. The user can add a save toggle at the end that will collect and save the filled information. It will also create a link that will take the respondent straight to their half-filled form till they complete it. Cognito forms also let you set an expiration date for your form so that respondents can fill it with intervals but in time.</p>

Cognito Forms Abandoned Forms & Half Filled Forms

Cognito Forms does not offer an Abandoned Form feature but, with its save partial submission feature, you can view the saved incomplete entries of your form. The respondents must press the save or submit button to get their data recorded on the Entries page.

Cognito Form Funnel Analytics

Cognito Forms works with Google Analytics that helps in the data collection and better performance of your forms by identifying the problems and improving them. It helps in accurately calculating the ROI of your PPC along with giving advance understandings about the users that visit your page and forms. Some of these KPIs and metrics include:

On-site behavior
Device used
Geography & Conversion rates
Referral sources

Cognito Forms Email Autoresponder

Cognito forms do have autoresponder emails that assist in better relations with respondents by sending them an approval email of their form submission or a confirmation receipt after a purchase. It also offers extra options to personalize it by adding different messages, editing the theme, or uploading copies of files and documents. It also contains an option to resend a confirmation email if required.

Cognito Forms FAQ

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Complete Funnel Analytics From Form Starters to Abandoned and Recovered Leads?
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