What is Everest Forms?

Everest Forms is a lightweight WordPress plugin that creates beautiful forms for users for simultaneous and improved results. It generates various kinds of forms, such as contact forms, payment forms, and interactive quizzes. With its easy-to-use interface and simple tools, the Everest Forms plugin can design unique forms in minutes that are responsive to all mobile screens and websites.

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Everest Forms Key Features

Everest Forms can create forms for countless purposes with its simple yet intuitive user interface. It has a simplified design specially constructed, keeping in mind the effortless usability for users. With a drag and drop form builder tool, Everest Forms encompasses all the form settings and admin panels in a clean design that allows users to create professionally appealing forms swiftly.

Everest Forms also offers various predefined form templates with required form fields that allow users to start building forms without interruption. It helps in making the workflow smooth for better productivity. It also allows users to construct their forms and surveys from scratch with desired form fields.

With unique design layouts, it also supports two-column forms that give forms a different and organized look. Everest Forms lets the user create unlimited forms that are responsive to all screen sizes.</p><p>Everest Forms offers a Pro version that allows conditional logic to get varied results based on different respondent's mindsets. The plugin also features a translation feature that translates the form into other languages that result in more interaction from the audience.

Everest Forms integrates with Honeypot and Google reCAPTCHA that the users can enable from the form settings. Honeypot utilizes a unique code that separates the spam bots from the actual users by forcing them to fill some particular fields that stops them from submitting the form. Google reCAPTCHA also helps in avoiding spam by using user validation.

Everest Forms Extensions & Addons

Everest forms offer various premium extensions and add-ons for a better and smooth form-making experience. Some of the add-ons are Zapier, PayPal standard, Mailchimp, Stripe, Email template, Google sheets, and many more.

Everest Form Types

With a simple design, Everest forms works with an extensive range of forms that includes contact forms, payment forms, registration forms, application forms, eBook forms, customer survey forms, quizzes, and many more. It also offers specific integrations according to the requirement of each form to elevate them.

Everest Form Integrations

Some of the integration application categories for Everest forms are CRM applications, Payment applications, Mailing applications, and many more. These applications include Convert Kit, Campaign monitor, Survey Polls and Quiz, Geolocation, Style customizer, and many more.

Everest Forms Partial Form Submissions

Everest Forms does not feature Save Partial submissions. The respondents must submit their forms.

Everest Forms Save For Later

Everest Forms offers Save Forms for Later for users to make a unique form with enough form fields for data collection. It does not provide a save forms feature for respondents to avoid spam.

With the Everest Form Pro plugin, the users can break down the lengthy forms into sections for a better user experience.

Everest Form Abandonment & Half Filled Forms

Everest forms do not offer an abandoned form feature. The respondent must complete and submit the form to get their data collected.

Everest Form Funnel Analytics

The latest Everest Forms Pro add-on gives the users an advanced form analytics option that manages their form entries. This new Pro add-on offers a new and improved Dashboard Analytics feature that provides users with detailed and organized statistics of their forms in a graphic manner. The users can view the complete data according to their requirements in a clean and organized way.

The dashboard includes:

Form selection dropdown
Number of entries
Complete submissions
Incomplete and partial submissions
Date range
Device breakdown

Everest Form Email Autoresponder

Email settings and responders are necessary for users as it allows them to control where the emails should be delivered. A confirmation auto-response also helps in acknowledging a submission and improving the interaction between users and the audience. In Everest forms, the users can compose unlimited email notifications that include: Notification email that is activated to the user when a form is submitted and a Notification email sent to the responder when they submit the form. For email responders to work, the form must have an email field for respondents to fill up.

Everest Forms FAQ

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