What is Form Assembly?

FormAssembly is a powerful online form builder and data collection platform. Ideally designed for clients in various industries with a specified focus on financial services, higher education, and healthcare, FormAssembly is a flexible platform with a customizable form-creator and strong integration to Salesforce and other applications. It manages your time and money by smoothly creating forms and assembling the data to obtain maximum use out of it.

Form Assembly Key Features

FormAssembly helps businesses and industries to break out of paper prison for a better, smooth, and quick workflow with its online forms that are adaptable and highly secured. It collects data and assembles it without any hassle. It also features an E-signature that helps in obtaining signatures from the respondents without a pen and paper.

With a straightforward and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, ForAssembly offers features that accelerate your tasks by making them effortless. It offers countless themes and styling options that help in maintaining and advancing your business. It also contains elements that make the form-creating experiences easy such as prefill, multiple page forms, and forms with conditional logic that alter according to the answers, Calculated fields, and response preview.

FormAssembly understands the necessity to keep the collected data secure as it varies from insensitive information to highly-sensitive data. It takes initiatives to make sure that its customers and stakeholders are safe along with their data.

These measures include:
• Vendor selection
•Third-party audits
•No data access
•GDPR/HIPAA Compliance, PCI DSS Level 1 Certification
•Backup and Data Retention

FormAssembly also provides incredible payment integrations with PayPal, Stripe, etc that help in the payment collection for events or donations for any organization and enable lightweight eCommerce. Also, FormAssembly plans are all compliant with PCI DSS level 1 that makes it more protected.

Form Assembly Extensions & Addons

Some of the extensions and add-ons for FormAssembly are Salesforce, Paypal, Google Sheets, Google Excel, Drupal, WordPress, etc.

Form Assembly Form Types

FormAssembly creates smooth and modern forms for almost any topic, business, or occasion. It works with Registration forms, Application forms, Contact forms, HIPAA Medical Release forms, Donation forms, Feedback Surveys, Polls, etc.

Form Assembly Integrations

For better responses and flexibility, FormAssembly allows seamless integrations with various applications categorized into File sharing and storage, Data management, Payment processors, etc. Some of these applications are Salesforce, WordPress, Google Excel, Google Sheets, MailChimp, AWeber, TaskRay, PayPal, Stripe, CapsuleCRM, and many more.

Form Assembly Partial Form Submssions

FormAssembly offers a Save Partial submissions option that allows the users to view the unsubmitted data when the respondents save their incomplete responses or an error occurs during submission. These partially completed forms are recorded under the responses tab to avoid any data loss and allow users to obtain as much data from it as they can. These incomplete responses also have additional options that include:

View response: allows the users to view the partially filled data
Edit response: allows the users to edit the form
Reset password: send a new password to the respondent to complete the form
Send reminder: send a reminder email to the respondent to inform them about their incomplete form.
Finalize response: marks the form Complete.

Form Assembly Save For Later

Creating long forms is advantageous as they help in assembling sufficient data, but for respondents, completing a lengthy form can be difficult or sometimes tiresome that result in form abandonment or an undesirable response from the audience. To avoid any negative feedback from the respondents, FormAssembly provides a Save and Resume feature in their forms that allow respondents to save their progress and resume anytime. They will immediately receive an email with instructions on how to complete their remaining form. The users can easily activate this option from the Processing page.

Form Assembly Form Abandonment & Half Filled Forms

FormAssembly does not offer a form abandonment feature as it shows only those responses that are incomplete and saved by the respondents. The respondents must save the form to pass it to the user’s responses tab for data collection.

Form Assembly Form Funnel Analytics

FormAssembly contains its very own Form Analytics that helps in understanding the response of the audience. It includes:

-Number of submissions (per day, month, or year)
-Number of views
Location of the respondent
Average time
Rate of completion
Rate of incomplete forms
Conversion rate‍

Form Assembly Email Autoresponder

FormAssembly provides two types of automated email responses when a form is submitted: Notifications and the Auto-Responder. The main difference between these two automatic responders is the audience. Notification emails send emails to the user that created the forms to alert them about the submissions. The default template for the notification email includes the complete response data, completion time, and date of submission, along with an option to customize your notification email to only obtain the data that you want. The Auto-Responder generates emails sent to the respondents when they submit a form that can include the data they submitted, an order receipt, or a simple thank you message. But to activate the autoresponder, the form must contain a field of the email to collect the respondent’s authentic email.

Form Assembly FAQ

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Form FAQ

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