What is Form Crafts?

Form Crafts is an online form builder that massively aids in creating all sorts of forms, whether it be job application forms, newsletters, fundraiser tickets, you name it. This incredibly easy-to-use form builder has a drag-and-drop interface that comes in handy in creating artistic forms quite swiftly.Form Crafts incorporates many distinctive templates from which you can choose if you are a newbie. The gorgeous designs of the templates would leave you in awe. In addition to that, Form Crafts has dozens of add-ons, making it one of the most accessible online form builders.

What Are Some of Form Crafts Key Features?

Form Crafts incorporates many distinctive and unique features. Its templates are divided into many categories such as Lead Generation, Application, Payment, Survey and Feedback, Support, and many others. Furthermore, it also allows you to build a template from scratch using a blank template. You can also customize a pre-made form according to your requirement. Forms constructed using Form Crafts are well-structured, mobile responsive, and can also be previewed.

Form Crafts has a user-friendly editor. It has a clear dashboard that is quite intuitive. This dashboard enables you to customize colors and layouts, incorporate more pages, and include different types of fields such as or input fields.

Furthermore, Form Crafts lets you display your form directly on your website. It allows you to embed your form into any web page. All you’ll have to do is copy the shortcode that Form Crafts provides you and paste it into the web page. You won’t be requiring any additional programming to embed the form into your website. You can embed your forms either as an inline form or a popup.

Form Crafts analytics, another efficient Form Crafts’ feature, makes your form’s performance incredibly easy to read and understand. This feature allows you to see the number of forms submitted, the rate of completion of each form, and payments. Depending on the pricing plan, form analytics lets you get a detailed form insight such as the number of views on the form, responses, and the average time individuals require to finish the survey.

Form Crafts also has superb and quite useful email integration options. You can easily link up your form with apps such as HubSpot, MailChimp, or AWeber and turn potential leads into clients. You can also set up an email autoresponder for your clients.

In addition to that, with Form Crafts, you can create Order Forms or Booking Forms. Form Crafts also enables you to temper with date fields, customizing it according to your need. Form Crafts also works with payment add-ons using a simple code.

One of the most important Form Crafts features is its auto-save feature. When enabled, this feature auto-saves a user’s form just as they fill the form. If the starts to fill out the form and midway refreshes the page, the information will remain there for about 30 days. Form Crafts also allows you to come up with  surveys and polls. You can create help topics forms with examples. Furthermore, numerous tutorials on building the form of your requirement are also available. With the help of these tutorials, you can easily create support tickets.

In short, Form Crafts’ interface is pretty good and grants you access to everything without leaving the form page.

What Are Form Crafts Extensions & Addons?

Form Crafts has several Form Extensions and Add-ons. Some of these extensions include MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Get Response, Form To Post, Multi-Page Forms, Prepopulate Data, Stripe, Tabular Data Field, and User Management. All of these add-ons can be added by the click of a button. In addition to that, an individual can also use Form Crafts’ API to build an add-on by themselves.

What Form Types does Form Crafts have?

You can create a variety of forms with JotForm. It gives you the access to create registration forms, application forms, contact forms, request forms, order forms, feedback forms, surveys, signup forms, evaluation forms, event registration forms, booking forms, petition forms, report forms, reservation forms, employment forms, tracking forms, membership forms, upload forms, quote forms, appointment forms, enrolment forms, volunteer forms, payment forms, wedding forms, calculation forms, content forms, lead generation forms, consent forms, award forms, subscription forms, recommendation forms, polls, donation forms, RSVP forms, sponsorship forms, and abstract forms.

What Integrations does Form Crafts have?

Form Crafts have many integration types including Zendesk, Front, Freshdesk, SupportBee, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive, Stripe, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Zapier, Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheet, and Dropbox.

Does Form Crafts have Partial Form Submissions?

Form Crafts can certainly save partial submissions. You can use this feature to jump onto the next page without using your pre-saved data.

Does Form Crafts Have A Save For Later Faeture?

You can certainly save a form and complete it later with the save forms for the later feature.

Can Form Crafts Save Abandoned & Half Filled Forms?

Form Crafts does have Abandoned Form Features such as it enables you to view the user's IP address. You can also send an email to the user who abandoned the form.

Does Form Crafts Have Form Funnel Analytics?

Form Crafts has Form Analytics features that enable you to see form conversion rates, see payment conversion rates, view weekly/monthly/yearly custom period data, and view combined/individual form data.

Does Form Crafts Have An Email Autoresponder?

Form Crafts incorporates an email auto-respond feature. You can enable this feature and use it without any hustle.

Form Crafts FAQ

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Form FAQ

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enrich your form data
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Most Form 
Saving Partial Form Submissions?
Track Referrals on Partial Form Submissions?
Pre-fill Forms When User Returns?
(even without save & resume or edit links)
Built-in Email Autoresponder?
Show user Location; Country, State & City?
Show user IP-Type; Edu, Business, VPN, ISP?
Show user Organization Information?
Show user Device, Source & Medium?
Sends Instant Lead Notification?
Automatic Fake/Real Email Validation?
Automatic Phone Validation For 200+ Countries?
Abandonded Email Opened & Click Tracking?
Email Autoresponder From Custom Domain?
Abandoned Form Field Analysis?
Complete Funnel Analytics From Form Starters to Abandoned and Recovered Leads?
Show User Activity Time Stamp For All Leads?