What is Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms is a tool that transforms your forms into powerful data-driven applications in a very efficient and timely manner. It creates WordPress forms, and can also be used to collect data. Formidable Forms is one of the best, if not THE best WordPress forms plugin and lets you get your form accomplished in less time than most plugins. This plugin will encourage you to start bigger projects since you will know that the tool will help you finish them on time and faster than you’ve ever completed a project before. With Formidable Forms, you can create multiple types of forms ranging from contact forms, complex multi-page forms to which you can also attach files, conditional logic, and calculations. These forms can also be displayed with the data you have collected, with the help of views and graphs.

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Formidable Forms Key Features

Formidable Forms have got multiple features that make the app extremely efficient to use and saves you time in many aspects. Some of the key features of the plugin are listed as follows:
->Drag and Drop Form Builder - this feature lets you drag and drop items onto the form, without any extra steps.
->Visual Styler- this feature gives you the ability to apply themes to your forms and give them a more creative look.
->Form Templates - You can enjoy calculators, payment forms, and also WooCommerce forms aside from the basic contact forms.
->1-Click Add-on Installation - Formidable Forms has numerous available add-ons reaching more than 30 different add-ons which you can install with a single click, included with your license.
->Integrated Views</strong> - This feature takes your listings, directories, calendars, and powerful front-end content and transforms them into listings.

Formidable Forms Extensions & Addons

Formidable Forms comes with multiple add-ons which help you make the use of the platform much easier. The forms can be integrated with email services, CRM, and automation platforms.

Some of these Extensions include add-ons like ActiveCampaign, which adds your contacts to your WordPress form from your Active Campaign list. The Highrise add-on captures the leads that you have on your WordPress contact form and saves them to the Highrise CRM as a copy. The Campaign Monitor is an efficient add-on as it saves time by automatically sending leads from your form to Campaign Monitor. The MailChimp add-on adds and updates the leads in MailChimp whenever a form is submitted.

Formidable Form Types

Formidable Forms work with multiple types of forms ranging from Polls &amp; Survey type forms, Online Calculator Forms, Quizzes, Smart Forms, Drag and Drop Forms, Contact Forms, Multi-page Forms, Registration Forms, File Upload Forms, Mobile Forms, PayPal Forms, and Signature Forms.

Formidable Form Integrations

Multiple integration types make this WordPress plugin extremely efficient, and they include Google Sheets to send form entries, Google Calendar for keeping track of dates and important events, Facebook Pages for automatic posting at scheduled hours, Twitter from automatic tweets straight from your form, Slack for automatic messaging on Slack from your form, and Gmail for triggering emails straight from your form with little to no setting up.

Formidable Forms Partial Submissions

Yes, Formidable Forms lets you save partially filled forms to continue later on. This is an effective solution for users who easily get distracted. You can fill a part of the form, and come back and fill the rest of it at your convenience.

Formidable Forms Save For Later

For forms that are too long and would make users not want to fill it up, Formidable Forms offers the Save Forms for Later feature. You’re given the option to conveniently save your form and continue whenever. This feature makes it easier for you to fill out forms and carry out your other day-to-day tasks.

Formidable Forms Abandonment & Half Filled Forms

Abandoned Form features are available on Formidable Forms in the form of multi-step progress bars and automatic saves after page turns. The multi-step progress bars save your progress once you reach a certain part and also after every page turn. This saves your form as a draft and helps you keep your data safe even if you abandon the form.

Formidable Form Funnel Analytics

Formidable Forms can be connected with Google Analytics through Zapier. This helps you send information between your forms and google and keep track of all the on-goings in the form. Formidable Forms however does not have their own analytical tool.

Formidable Forms Email Autoresponder

Yes, Formidable Forms has an e-mail autoresponder feature. Responding to emails manually is time-consuming and turns into a chore. With the autoresponder feature, you can respond to emails automatically with an add-on. Especially if all the emails have the same content. The feature will help you get the route the emails to the right department and also send confirmation emails straight through the contact form.

Formidable Forms FAQ

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enrich your form data
Use Responser with your existing form provider.
Most Form 
Saving Partial Form Submissions?
Track Referrals on Partial Form Submissions?
Pre-fill Forms When User Returns?
(even without save & resume or edit links)
Built-in Email Autoresponder?
Show user Location; Country, State & City?
Show user IP-Type; Edu, Business, VPN, ISP?
Show user Organization Information?
Show user Device, Source & Medium?
Sends Instant Lead Notification?
Automatic Fake/Real Email Validation?
Automatic Phone Validation For 200+ Countries?
Abandonded Email Opened & Click Tracking?
Email Autoresponder From Custom Domain?
Abandoned Form Field Analysis?
Complete Funnel Analytics From Form Starters to Abandoned and Recovered Leads?
Show User Activity Time Stamp For All Leads?