What is Forminator?

Forminator is one of the easiest to use Worpress form builders and comes in handy when dealing with all and any kind of website. This isn’t an ordinary plug-in as it works efficiently with multiple types of forms such as contact forms, order forms, payment forms, email forms, feedback widgets, and interactive polls which provide real-time results. The plug-in also is in perfect sync with service estimators, registration firms, and payment options such as Paypal and Stripe. The Buzzfeed style “no wrong answer” quizzes are also available on the plug-in.

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Forminator Key Features

Some of the key features of Forminator include a drag and drop visual builder for an easy setup and adding forms to the WordPress website. This also helps you collect information, make more interactive content, and produce more conversions using Forminator. Other features available on Forminator are the Polls which help you collect the opinions of users along with providing multiple settings and customization tools.

Quizzes are another feature available on Forminator and let your audience take fun quizzes which they can share on their social media.
The calculations feature collects the information, generates leads, takes orders, and engages the audience further into the form.With Forminator, you can also collect various sorts of payments, such as Stripe and Paypal, which are both integrated within the system.

Forminator Extensions & Addons

Some form extensions and add-ons that come with Forminator include GamiPress which increases interaction with the website, Buddy Boss which notifies you of any achievements, Grassblade Integration, Leaderboards which includes and excludes specific users and assigns roles, and BuddyPress Group Leaderboard which adds a customizable tab on the group with a leaderboard for group members

Forminator Form Types

Forminator works efficiently with multiple types of forms such as contact forms, order forms, payment forms, registration forms,  Forms, and email forms. All these forms have their own set of features and plug-ins integrated into them, and you can take them to the next level by choosing form fields, customize settings, change their styles and behavior.

Forminator Integrations

Forminator is full of third-party integrations, especially popular ones and favorites, such as HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets, Zapier (which connects you to +1000 apps), Trello, MailChimp, AWeber, and Slack.

Forminator Partial Form Submissions

Forminator do not allow forms to be partially saved but have recently introduced a plug-in that gives the option to create large forms and will let users save their progress, come back and edit their forms and entries at any time they wish. Another plug-in previously existed which allowed the same features, but the cookies would only be stored for 15 days, and the information would be deleted later on. With this latest plug-in, the information does not have any expiry/deletion date.

Forminator Save Form For Later

Forms can be saved to be submitted later on Forminator, and are saved in the drafts. Aside from saving for later, the forms can also be assigned to a default author and published immediately. Save your form in the draft and submit it at any time you feel easy.

Forminator Form Abandonment & Half Filled Forms

Forminator does not have an abandoned form feature, although due to popular demand, the staff has planned to release the feature soon, no estimated time has been given. The demand for this feature can be seen on the development page of the form. Another feature that has been requested is the notification for when a user abandons a form without submitting, and that feature too is expected to be released soon.

Forminator Form Funnel Analytics

Forminator Email Autoresponder

Forminator is extremely efficient when it comes to e-mails and aside from auto-responding to emails, the site makes the response time of emails much smoother. The query strings tool pre-fills the information for visitors and delivers the forms to the related teams via e-mail routing.


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