What is Formstack?

Formstack is an online platform used for improved workplace efficiency without any chaos of the process. It provides a smooth and well-organized digitized work through online forms, documents, and signatures. Over 27,000 organizations from around the world utilize this digitized platform. By quickly creating forms, digital documents, and eSignatures, Formstack can transform manual progressions into a smooth workflow that increases productivity and reduces work time.

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Formstack Key Features

Formstack is an online drag and drop form building platform designed for the modern world to increase the efficiency of forms and digitize the documents to increase productivity. It helps in automating the process of data collection and eliminating the paperwork with its eSignature feature. Conditional Logic: The primary feature of Formstack is its conditional logic. It helps in creating forms that adjust with each individual’s response and continue according to their answers and results in improved and engaging surveys. It also allows you to design fewer surveys and let the respondent bounce off any unrelated question.

Templates & Themes: Formstack also has an impressive variety of over 300 templates in different categories like Sales, Healthcare, and education that are customizable. It also has a theme builder including headers, colors, and fonts that allows you to design a form entirely to your likings.

eSignature: It offers an eSignature feature that enables you to sign all your paperwork with just one swipe of your finger. You can create your signature style or, you can use the templates given by Formstack. It will create a smooth and entirely digitalized workflow with digital documents and signature-ready forms.

Walkthroughs: Another distinctive feature of Formstack is the walkthroughs, which helps in understanding all the features that it offers gradually with its importance.</p>

Formstack Extensions & Addons

Formstack latest introduction of add-ons is a great way to improve the collection of data through your forms. There are three add-ons offered; Portals, Approvals, and Conversion Kit. Portals provide a smooth sharing of online forms with a selected group of people with features like tracking and setting deadlines. Conversion Kit helps in developing the marketing strategy. And the Approvals add-on is used to make the process of approval for hiring projects easier.

Formstack Form Types

Formstack proposes a complete solution by gathering up all our work tools into one place. Formstack works with online forms, custom digital documents, and an incredible feature of eSigning. These types of documents and online forms help in getting quick results in very little time.

Formstack Integrations

With a versatile design and a keen eye on the benefits for a business, Formstack offers an extensive collection of seamless integrations that enables you to link your forms and documents with other platforms to increase efficiency by eliminating data chaos. Formstack works with multiple CRM and CMS platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. It also allows trouble-free management of basic e-commerce as it also integrates with various payment processors like PayPal and Stripe.

Formstack Partial Form Submission

Formstack features a save option that gets activated whenever a text is entered into the form and collects the data even when the respondent does not press submit. It prevents any loss of leads and assists you in understanding the reason behind half-filled forms.

Formstack Save For Later Feature

Formstack Abandoned & Half Filled Forms

Formstack also contains Abandoned Form features that explain the reasons behind partially completed forms. Formstack allows you to recognize the behavioral patterns of respondents and also reveals the reasons behind the abandonment based on form fields.

Formstack Form Analytics

>Formstack recently introduced a Form Analytics tab that helps in improving the efficiency of your responders. You can view this tab on every login. These KPIs and metrics include:
-UTM Tracking
-Unique view-isual data (charts and graphs)
-Conversion rate
-Field bottlenecking (abandonment rate)
-Visual data (charts and graphs)
-Conversion rate
-Field bottlenecking (abandonment rate)

Formstack Email Autoresponder

Formstack does have Email Autoresponders but only for paid customers. It contains two types of Email Autoresponders; Immediate and delayed. An immediate email autoresponder sends an email as soon as the respondent completes the form whereas, the delayed option lets you decide when to send the email. It also offers Email Logic features that construct an email grounded on their response.‍

Formstack has several add-ons that improve the data collection process, whereas the Responser is a lead recovery platform that already includes all features without having to connect extra services.</p>

Formstack FAQ

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