What is HappyForms?

HappyForms is a user-friendly plugin for WordPress which aims to improve the overall WordPress experience. It enables you to manage and reply to conversations with the individuals who visit your website. Created by The Theme Foundry, HappyForms aims to prevent issues such as emails not being delivered, and not being able to hear back from potential leads. It incorporates an easy-to-use drag and drop feature that enables you to build all sorts of forms. HappyForms is explicitly optimized to increase communication with individuals who visit your website. With HappyForms, rest assured that your messages are being delivered without the hassle of spam

HappyForm Key Features

HappyForms is not one of the most popular form builder plugins for WordPress but definitely worth a try. It incorporates many distinctive features. The prime function of HappyForms is to send emails to potential leads and clients. HappyForms includes an entire tab that is devoted to email configurations. With HappyForms, you’ll receive an email alert with a copy of all the data that your users submitted when they filled your form.

You can also send a confirmation email to the users right after they’ve filled and submitted your form. HappyForms also enables you to utilize several related control options such as sending a copy of submitted data to all your co-workers via the Email Bcc address control and changing the email subject according to the data submitted by incorporating a logic group.

By checking Attach PDF to confirmation email option, you can attach PDF receipts to confirmation emails. Once you check this box, more options will come to be available to let you personalize a receipt according to your needs. If you do not wish to receive alerts or send emails to users, you can click the appropriate checkbox that will hide all the settings and disable the feature.

With HappyForms, you can set whether you want your form to be visible during a certain time of day. With Schedule Visibility control, you can pick the date and time and choose when you wish the opening or closing time of a form should be. Make sure that your Time zone is set to the appropriate city.

You can also add your form to your website with HappyForms. This is possible by embedding it on your page or displaying it in a sidebar using a widget. You can also add HappyForms to the Gutenberg editor. Managing forms is also possible if you are using HappyForms. At some point, if you wish to create a new form or replace an existing one, you can do so using the Forms screen feature. With this feature, you can duplicate a form or trash an existing one. This feature especially comes in handy when you’ve just built a form, but a new idea just came into your mind. Then you can make use of the Forms screen feature and tweak its base or style or whatever you wish to do without redoing everything from scratch. If you like your new form and wish to remove the old one, you can do so by clicking on the Trash button. Once you remove your form, all submissions belonging to that form will be removed as well.

In addition to that, you can also track responses via HappyForms. If you wish to see responses from a specific form, you can also do that via the Form Filter feature. You can also sort out forms by marking them read/unread. HappyForms also enables you to edit each form entry in the Activity Table. Furthermore, you can also export the responses you get in a common format, such as CSV. You can also limit responses per user using the Limit Responses option. This feature enables you to limit the total number of responses. HappyForms also allows you to add a unique ID to each form response and enables you to specify its prefix and suffix.

HappyForms Extensions & Addons

Some Form extensions and addons include Divi, Astra, Avada, Genesis, GeneratePress, Enfold, Flatsome, and OceanWP.

HappyForms Form Types

With HappyForms, you can make a contact form, intake form, registration form, survey form, quiz form, payment form, newsletter form, giveaway form, fundraising form, donation form, nomination form, order form, questionnaire form, onboarding form, contract form, estimate form, research form, qualitative form, quantitative form, membership form, mobile form, feedback form, release form, inquiry form, request form, evaluation form, RSVP form, reservation form, sales lead form, popup form, quote form, event form, booking form, application form, agreement form, safety form, pdf form, compliance form, assessment form, sponsorship form, report form, file upload form, satisfaction form, volunteer registration form, personality quiz form, calculator form.

HappyForms Integrations

HappyForms have many integration types, such as ConvertKit, Mailchimp, MailerLite, MailPoet, SendFox, SendGrid, and Sendinblue.

HappyForms Partial Submssions

HappyForms doesn’t have the Save Partial Submissions option.

HappyForms Save For Later feature

HappyForms doesn’t have Save Forms for later feature

HappyForms Form Abandonment & Half Filled Forms

HappyForms has Abandoned Form features.

HappyForms Funnel Analytics

Happy Forms has Form Analytics via Google Analytics. You can track your user interaction with this features.

HappyForms Email Autoresponder

>Yes, HappyForms has an Email Autoresponder.

Happy Form FAQ

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Form FAQ

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enrich your form data
Use Responser with your existing form provider.
Most Form 
Saving Partial Form Submissions?
Track Referrals on Partial Form Submissions?
Pre-fill Forms When User Returns?
(even without save & resume or edit links)
Built-in Email Autoresponder?
Show user Location; Country, State & City?
Show user IP-Type; Edu, Business, VPN, ISP?
Show user Organization Information?
Show user Device, Source & Medium?
Sends Instant Lead Notification?
Automatic Fake/Real Email Validation?
Automatic Phone Validation For 200+ Countries?
Abandonded Email Opened & Click Tracking?
Email Autoresponder From Custom Domain?
Abandoned Form Field Analysis?
Complete Funnel Analytics From Form Starters to Abandoned and Recovered Leads?
Show User Activity Time Stamp For All Leads?