What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is an easy-to-use, lightweight app that enables you to create quizzes, polls, and surveys. In business organizations, it provides adequate tools to collect customer feedback, improve business, organize events, or measure employee satisfaction. It can also be used in educational institutions to create quizzes, gather input from parents and teachers, or plan activities. With Microsoft Forms, you can build a form in no time, without any prior training. You can also view automatic charts if you wish to visualize your data. Microsoft Forms can also be integrated with Office365 apps for a smooth experience for basic data collection.

Microsoft Forms Key Features

Microsoft Forms is one of the most user-friendly platforms on the internet. It enables you to build effective forms with self-explanatory tools and straightforward design suggestions. Microsoft Forms incorporates many distinctive features. If you use it in an institution, it offers you the means to engage with your students and track their progress. With Microsoft Forms, you can encourage your students to weigh in using Forms. You can also assess their progress with quizzes, with the option of exporting their answers to Excel. If you wish to transform an examination into an educational asset, you can certainly do so by adding videos.

With Microsoft Forms, you have a platform where the built-in AI strives for your goals. It enables you to collect the appropriate feedback, regardless of your skill level. You can also increase your reach by integrating Microsoft Forms with your favorite apps and connecting with your audience. You can also share surveys so that groups can collaborate. Microsoft Forms includes real-time charts and automatically generated reports that assist you in visualizing data in seconds. These charts and reports are also exportable to Excel for in-depth, customized analysis. Furthermore, Microsoft Forms works on any device, from any browser; thus, allowing you to stay engaged on the go

Microsoft Forms incorporates Dynamics 365 Customer Voice with enables you to understand your customer’s requirements. This feature collects, analyses, and tracks real-time feedback in a scalable feedback management solution. It captures feedback across channels by sending out personalized surveys to track customers’ perceptions of your products and services. You can also find out customers’ trends and sentiments to ensure that you have a firm grasp of their needs. You can also build unified customer profiles to align your team members on desired engagement decisions across all channels.

With Microsoft Forms, you can chat, call, host meetings, and do real-time collaborations. Microsoft Office encourages you to come up with productive solutions and connect with your employees or clients, whether working onsite or remotely. It offers 1TB of OneDrive storage so that you can manage your files from anywhere. You can also get end-to-end security across all your resources on Microsoft Forms. This form builder platform features an AI that endangers even the most sophisticated, cross-domain attacks and reduces signal overload. Microsoft Forms also enables you to extend protection against third-party apps with SDK and connectors.

If you wish to collaborate with specific colleagues or groups in your organization, you can use the particular user sharing feature. This feature enables you and your colleague to either build a form together or go through the response data. You can collaborate with one or more than one author using their email address via this feature. You don’t have to worry about the collaboration URL leaking as it won’t work for anyone apart from those whose email address is mentioned in the list.

You can also create simple polls to find out what people think about your latest idea when they want to schedule their next meeting or what attendees at a workshop think about the event. Since Microsoft Forms works with every screen resolution, it’s quite convenient for everyone to participate in your surveys and polls.

Microsoft Forms Extensions & Addons

Microsoft Forms has many form extensions and add ons. Excel Online, Office App, OneDrive for Business, OneNote, Outlook, Power Automate, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Stream, and Sway are some of its add ons.

Microsoft Form Types

You can create a variety of forms with JotForm. It gives you the access to create registration forms, application forms, contact forms, request forms, order forms, feedback forms, surveys, signup forms, evaluation forms, event registration forms, booking forms, petition forms, report forms, reservation forms, employment forms, tracking forms, membership forms, upload forms, quote forms, appointment forms, enrolment forms, volunteer forms, payment forms, wedding forms, calculation forms, content forms, lead generation forms, consent forms, award forms, subscription forms, recommendation forms, polls, donation forms, RSVP forms, sponsorship forms, and abstract forms.

Microsoft Form Integrations

Microsoft Forms have many integration types. Some of them include Power Automate, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Stream, and Sway.

Microsoft Form Partial Submssions

Microsoft Forms doesn’t save partial Submissions. It doesn’t have a save state or cookies as well.

Microsoft Form Save For Later

Microsoft Forms doesn’t save forms for later. You’ll have to fill the form before submission

Microsoft Form Abandonment & Half Filled Forms

Microsoft Forms doesn’t have Abandoned Form features.

Microsoft Form Funnels

Microsoft Forms incorporates Form Analytics such as charts and reports for in-depth analysis.

Microsoft Form Email Autoresponder

Microsoft Forms incorporates email automation tools. These tools perform various tasks, such as sending out emails to prospects, following up on your emails, using workflows to streamline your sales process, rotating leads, creating deals, and sending out tasks to your team.

Microsoft Form FAQ

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Form FAQ

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Saving Partial Form Submissions?
Track Referrals on Partial Form Submissions?
Pre-fill Forms When User Returns?
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Built-in Email Autoresponder?
Show user Location; Country, State & City?
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Automatic Fake/Real Email Validation?
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Email Autoresponder From Custom Domain?
Abandoned Form Field Analysis?
Complete Funnel Analytics From Form Starters to Abandoned and Recovered Leads?
Show User Activity Time Stamp For All Leads?