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Boosting Retently Feedback Forms with Responser: An Insightful Exploration

As a Retently user, you appreciate the platform's focus on gauging customer sentiment and gathering invaluable feedback. However, if survey abandonment is hindering your data collection process, introducing a solution like Responser can be pivotal. Here’s the detailed scoop:

1. Combined Expertise

  • Retently specializes in crafting feedback forms and NPS surveys. Melding this with Responser fuses Retently's feedback acumen with Responser's adeptness in handling form and survey abandonments.

2. Capture Abandonment Context

  • Responser can illuminate the exact instances when users abandon Retently surveys, salvaging the feedback given up to that juncture. Such insights can spotlight which survey sections might be too long or confusing.

3. Reconnect with Respondents

  • Responser’s automated tools, such as personalized email nudges, can encourage respondents to complete abandoned surveys, ensuring you don’t miss out on vital feedback.

4. Granular Analytics

  • Beyond Retently’s inherent analytics, Responser provides a deeper analysis of respondent behavior, their time spent on surveys, and other key metrics that can refine your feedback strategies.

5. Seamless Symbiosis

  • The integration ensures that you can utilize Responser's advanced recovery techniques without interrupting your established Retently workflows.

6. Optimized Respondent Experience

  • Responser can make survey completion more fluid, with features like real-time validation and save-and-resume options, potentially increasing the number of fully completed surveys.

7. Cost and Time Efficiency

  • Time is often of the essence in feedback cycles. With Responser, the increase in survey completion can provide richer data faster, allowing quicker and more informed decision-making.

8. Tailored Outreach

  • With insights into survey abandonment patterns, you can recalibrate your outreach techniques, perhaps tweaking survey lengths or adjusting the timing of your survey invites.

9. Consistent Refinement

  • Continuous insights from Responser can guide ongoing optimization of your Retently surveys, ensuring they remain engaging and yield the most actionable feedback.

10. Assurance in Data Security

  • Integrating platforms should not sacrifice data integrity. If Responser boasts strong security standards and meets regulations like GDPR, you can confidently manage respondent data with peace of mind.

In essence, while Retently excels in collecting feedback and gauging customer sentiment, Responser fills the crucial gap of survey abandonment. Together, they promise a comprehensive and efficient approach to not just collecting, but also maximizing, customer feedback.


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