Adopt pre-filled forms on your website

Form Pre-qualification of prospects is a great way to combat form abandonment.

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September 20, 2022
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October 7, 2022
Form Optimization

What are the main advantages of using pre-filled forms on your website? If you're using forms for lead generation purposes, it will reduce your client’s workload to a significant degree. Form Pre-qualification of prospects is a great way to combat form abandonment.

If you've never used a form pre-filling tool before, here's how it works

Many companies like Clearbit, FullContact and InsideView are using 100s of data points to check your prospects via server-side lookups and enrich your forms. 

The benefit of presenting your visitors with an instant email lookup process is to verify the email address against updated LinkedIn and other data sources. 

By populating the rest of the form, you don’t have to ask the prospect for that information up front. It leads to shorter forms and higher conversion rates. 

Furthermore, your CRM system gets enriched firmographic data on company name, title & role, number of employees and company turnover etc.

If a form and contact enrichment software seems like a costly alternative, you can always verify your email and do phone number look ups to verify your prospects legitimacy for a fraction of the price. 

Companies like Numverify validate phone numbers in over 200+ countries which can be great for your outreach team to rely on. 

The idea is brilliant, the implementation is sleek and seamless to the user. Pre-filled forms based on user data is a great idea that can be implemented for many industries alongside social sign-ins. This could allow you to get ahead of your competitors in terms of gaining your visitor’s valuable information, but also help increase conversions by reducing form abandonment.

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