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Best Web Form CTA colors for conversion

A contrasting color is used in an effective CTA button. The goal of a call to action is to get your audience's att

The color of your call-to-action can have a huge impact on how people click, and what they see. We know that the way we communicate with our audience is important so it might seem confusing when you're given different options for CTAs in terms or colors from orange to blue; but don't worry. 

That's because there are certain factors involved regarding culture differences as well as reactions towards these two specific moods/associations across demographics such age groups etc., which means one set may work better than another depending upon where this campaign will be seen by its consumers. 

A contrasting color is used in an effective CTA button. The goal of a call to action is to get your audience's attention. Unless the tone is contrasted, this is impossible to create. Red and orange are the finest contrasting colors you may use on your forms. If you're unsure about other colors, keep in mind that these combinations are the most effective.


SAP found that orange CTAs boosted their conversion rate over 32.5%. (QuickSprout)


  • Colors and their psychological connections

Color is an important aspect of web form design. The colors in your layout can either lift you up or bring you down. Unfortunately, too many web form owners are just guessing when it comes to selecting colors. Since these colors are used for call-to-action buttons, they are very important to get right.

  • Experiment with different color combinations.

What is the color combination that works best in your call-to-action buttons? Without testing, you'll never know. Experiment with different color combinations.

Red - is the color of love, blood, fire, passion, strength, power. It is said that the red color has the strongest effect on human beings. This is why most fast-food restaurants are using this color for their logos and advertisements. 

Orange - is a color that stimulates the senses which makes people react quickly. Even the color itself makes you think about fresh fruits or hot things. Orange is one of the easiest colors to read in print because orange sparks creativity. That is exactly why it’s likely to be placed on the CTA button. 

Colors Decision - So instead of trying to find the “perfect” color, go for the color that increases the visibility of your call-to-action. With this simple and proven approach, you can virtually guarantee an increase in web form conversions.

Best Tips to choose the right CTA color

Tip #1 Stand out

The CTA button needs to be eye-catching, bold and vibrant. In order for your site's design aesthetic you can use a lot of colors that stand out from the rest such as orange or red

Tip #2 Use white space and keep it clean

For your call-to-action button to be effective, make it the focal point of attention. Don't use any other colors on the page except for this one great bold CTA! Keep things clean and simple with white space or calming tones if necessary so that users can quickly scan through all available information without being distracted by anything else. 

If possible try not to have too many vibrant hues appearing in front of whatever product/service is being offered because then people might miss out on clicking into contact details - which should always take centre stage when potential clients are looking at something online.

Reducing clutter around their CTA increased Open Mile's conversion rate by 232%. (VWO)

Tip #3 Don’t use the CTA color for anything 

No matter what color you choose, make sure it’s used solely with your CTA. The only time a visitor should see the color is when they click on the button. Don’t distract your visitors by adding the same color to more elements on the page. Make it unique!

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