Conversion Optimization

Increase form conversion by utilizing a progress indicator

Simple progress bars let users know how far along they are in a process.

Simple progress bars let users know how far along they are in a process. The result is that your customers will know exactly how far they have progressed through the form-filling process, and will be more likely to complete the form.

A Progress Bar's Psychological Impact

Inside or outside the form, progress bars might display. The following are the two primary types:

  1. Percentage bar 

This is a basic bar that registers progress as a percentage. It usually runs along the top of the page and works well for shorter forms. It also goes back to zero, so returning users can easily figure out where they are up to – no ‘Where am I now?’ questions – and it makes it easy for users to spot how much progress has been made, and how much work is left to do.

  1. Steps left process bar
D:\Responser\step bar.jfif

Often a series of steps are required to fill out a form. To keep people from getting sad and abandoning, you can tell them how many steps are left per page. With the “steps left bar” you can implement a progress bar that shows how many steps have been completed and how many remain for each individual page.

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