Abandoned Forms

Gather Partial Entries From A Web Form

Partial Entries are the first step to regain your lost leads.

Partial entries are the missing link to your Sales Funnel. It’s not uncommon for lead capture forms to get visitors who make it part way before abandoning the form completely, leaving all their details behind. 

But you don’t have to let these missing visitors slip through your fingers. Because with Responser’s Partial Entries feature, you can easily recapture that information and move them along in your lead generation process.

Many form providers that have partial submissions feature, like Formstack, don’t let you see referring traffic on partial entries. Which would be crucial to mitigate any future loss and do form optimization. It’s also not uncommon for partial submissions not to be connected to Zapier or CRM systems since the data is not validated. 

Credit: Responser.com

Responser’s lead management includes form completeness, traffic source and medium, converted or not converted as well as email status of Sent, Opened & Clicked.

Credit: Responser.com Funnel Analytics

Partial Entries are the first step to regain your lost leads. Leads can be recovered via the above tactics of pre-fill forms in combination with an email autoresponder. This can increase your leads between 25-50% in some cases.

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