Abandoned Forms

How To Reduce Form Abandonment

Google Marketing Platform that allows you to track various events or forms on your website, create conversion rate
How to reduce form abandonment

Research shows that up to 81% of people who start filling out a form on a website will abandon that form without finishing it.  Abandoned forms are a serious problem for you and your business. 

The fact is that you need some way to monitor and track abandoned forms.

Form Tracking with Google Tag Manager specifically for form abandonment

Google Tag Manager Form Abandonment Trigger


Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool provided by Google Marketing Platform that allows you to track various events or forms on your website, create conversion rates and set up goal funnels. 

With some email provider integration know-how, you can even trigger email responses based on user interaction. For example, if someone signed up for your newsletter, you can create a custom rule in Google Tag Manager to automatically send them an email thanking them or send them to an offer or designated landing page. 

The goal of web form tracking with Google Analytics is to learn how your visitors interact with your form, so you can make changes to your form fields, design and layout to improve the user experience. 

Make no mistake, you will need a developer to install the code and set up the tracking the way you want. 

According to Analytics Mania; 

Each form tracking method  depends on different elements/events that occur on a website after the form submission:

  • Form auto-event listener
  • Thank you page
  • AJAX form tracking
  • Tracking with Element Visibility trigger
  • Writing your own form auto-event listener
  • Developer’s help (to ask for the dataLayer.push)
  • DOM scraping

We highly recommend further reading at Analytics Mania form tracking article for a deeper understanding of each of the methods mentioned below. 

There are several different Google Analytics Form Tracking methods you can use; 

Method #1. Google Tag Manager Form Submission Trigger (GTM’s built-in form listener with enabled built-in variables)

Method #2. “Thank you” Page Tracking with Google Tag Manager (Create a page view that fires only on the success submit page)

Method #3.  Track AJAX Form Submissions with Google Tag Manager (Your form is using Ajax. To be used when your form is not sending valid form submit events and no redirection to a success landing page.) 

Method #4.  Track Form Submissions with Element Visibility Trigger (Enables you to track when a particular element appears on the screen, in ex a success message)

Method #5.  Write Your Own Form Auto-Event Listener (The most complicated and time consuming part for custom forms)

Method #6 . Form Tracking with dataLayer Events (implement a custom dataLayer.push() into the callback function upon successful form submission)

Method #7. Track Form Submissions with DOM Scraping

Compare Responser with Google Analytics form tracking.

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