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Improve Form Security To Inspire Confidence And Build Trust

Without website security, you are ceding the playing field to the competition.

You’ve worked hard to build up an online presence, but are you getting returns for your investment? It does not matter how useful your web form is, how vast the collection of information you offer free of charge, or what deals you are running. 

If customers can’t trust you. No one will sign up for your newsletter, become a fan on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, or buy from your store or even fill out loan applications. Without website security, you are ceding the playing field to the competition.

Everyone in the world, probably you too, uses online forms. To protect your business from scamming and hacking, it's important to have a secured form. 

Here are the two tips on how to avoid form abandonment by implementing security measures and make your process smooth enough for your clients to fill out your forms.

  • Install a SSL certificate

One of the easiest things you can do to protect your website, yourself and users from hackers is installing an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. You may not realize it but when browsing the web there are usually the letter 's' in https which stand for Secure; this means that every site using encryption on their pages will have a lock over them if accessed via google chrome or safari browsers

  • Use antimalware

There are plenty of options out there for anti-malware software. Some have free plans, while others you need to pay for with your data plan or purchase an all access license key if they offer one at all (SiteLock). Anti -virus programs will automatically scan files on startup and then do weekly scans too so that nothing is missed!

  • Web scanning 
  • Malware detection and removal 
  • Web application firewall 
  • Vulnerability patching 
  • DDoS protection 
  • PCI compliance

  • Keep your Wordpress site up to date

If you don't update your WordPress core software, as well any plugins that are installed on the site then it can all become outdated and vulnerable to bugs or glitches. If this happens hackers will be able to exploit these vulnerabilities for malicious purposes.

  • Manually accept comments 

So when you see those comments that aren’t quite so fun, just know they might be coming from a bot or fake account. This is because bots and fakes are always looking for an opportunity to spam people in your niche with their link - which can pose security risks too.

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