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How To Get More Real Estate Leads: Top 6 Proven Techniques

Preparing for the highs and lows in real estate requires a pipeline of quality leads.

When the market rates are low, you’ll want to convert as many leads as possible. But when the rates increase, you still need reliable leads to nurture into paying clients. Ideally, using a variety of techniques is the best way to boost your real estate lead generation. Here are the top six tips to apply to your real estate firm.

1. Build Valuable Partnerships in the Industry

Your real estate industry networks in the real estate industry are some of the best sources for qualified real estate leads. It’s crucial to form alliances with other players in the industry to gain access to leads. You can form strategic partnerships with professionals such as:

●  Personal bankers: Real estate purchases are often huge financial decisions and as such, most people seek the advice of bankers before investing in properties. You can ask personal bankers to recommend you to their clients.

●  Insurance companies: Having the right insurance is important when buying a home, renting, or purchasing a property for flipping. Insurance agents in real estate are therefore a great source for qualified real estate customers.

●  Lenders: Property buyers need lenders to access financing for property purchases. Reach out to loan officers frequently to gather quality leads.

●  Professional cleaners: Property buyers and renters hire professional cleaners to prepare their spaces for moving in. Partnering with cleaners helps you access quality leads and recommend discounted cleaning services for your clients.

●  Landscapers: Partnering with professional landscapers to improve the external appearance of your properties before viewing boosts leads and your chances of closing deals.

●  Bakeries: Simple gestures such as offering cookies during an open house, or sending qualified leads freshly-baked pastries improves your chances of converting leads into paying customers. Partner with a baker near you to help you attract more leads.

●  Property stagers: Home and office stagers help you declutter or stage a property for viewing. Staging homes helps buyers imagine themselves in their future homes and consider a property for purchase. Have a reliable property stager on call to help you attract leads and convert them.

2. Connect With Your Sphere of Influence

Your friends, family, and neighbors are valuable sources of real estate leads. Reach out through calls or messages to remind them to contact you for properties and to recommend you to their circles.

However, remember to connect with people first. Throw a welcome party for your new neighbor offer your neighbor a welcome meal to get acquainted before introducing yourself. Maintain healthy relationships with your family and friends before asking them to recommend you. People are generally more willing to recommend you when you have been good to them.

When you receive a recommendation, remember to provide quality services. No one wants to recommend substandard services. In this way, you can grow your referrals. Also, make sure your website is always available for viewing, and keep your contact forms available for lead registration. 

3. Host Open Houses

Hosting open houses in different locations is an excellent way to encourage potential buyers and renters to come in for viewing, and also ask questions about other available properties. In addition, open houses help you meet potential clients face to face, build a rapport, and become a property buyer’s exclusive real estate agent.

However, to generate leads, you need to capture the visitors’ contact details. Encourage visitors to sign up online by providing scannable QR codes to give visitors direct access to your contacts. You can also use pop-up contact forms on your site to motivate leads to sign up.

4. Use Traditional Marketing Techniques to Boost Firm Visibility

Sometimes, a billboard on the highway, an advertisement on a park bench, and stickers on public buses and taxis are the best ways to promote your business locally and attract local leads. Outbound marketing techniques such as boards and print ads grab the attention of potential customers and showcase what you can offer.

Remember to keep your ads creative to help you stand out from other real estate firms. You can also add QR codes and direct links to your website for people to visit. Once they are on your site, they can interact with CTA, offers, deals, and website forms.

5. Advertise Your Real Estate Firm Online

Digital marketing is a great way to access real leads online. There are several ways you can use your digital resources to generate more real estate leads.

●  Use Facebook lead generation ads that incorporate easy-to-fill contact forms on the platform, instead of redirecting visitors to a landing page.

●  Use video testimonials on your website and on social media to show how your real estate services helped others and boost your credibility. A great way to find genuine testimonials is to incentivize current and past clients.

●  Boost traffic to your website by creating captivating and informative blogs. Remember to use search engine optimization (SEO) to optimize your website content and improve rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). Then, use pop-up contact forms or CTAs with links to landing pages to collect contact information.

●  Encourage visitors on your website to sign up by offering them free valuable content such as weekly listings, property offers, and access to cleaning, moving, and financing services in your exclusive newsletters.

●  Repurpose content into social media posts, podcasts, or video content to improve visibility and target a wider audience to generate more leads.

●  Use well-designed real estate contact forms to optimize information collection. Use optimized headings and correct fields to encourage visitors to sign up. Remember not to ask for too much information or the wrong information, and add a link to your privacy policy on the landing page or contact form for good measure.

6. Use Real Estate Lead Generation Services

You can buy qualified real estate leads from lead generation services. The leads come from home valuation, property advertisement, and sales platforms. Signing up on several platforms helps you access a variety of leads.

Manage Your Leads Easily Today

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