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Top Lead Form Capture Tips in 2022

Here are 4 overall tips to improve lead capture and achieve better goals from your lead campaigns.

Whether you are launching a start-up or growing your business, you need a continuous flow of leads to convert into paying customers.

1. Consider Your Traffic Sources and Optimize Them

To maximize the number of leads you capture, you need to identify your traffic sources and start there.

●  Use search engine optimization (SEO) on other pages to direct visitors to your landing page or contact forms. Include the right keywords in your content accompanied by valuable information to boost your search engine result page (SERP) rankings. Then, redirect your visitors to your lead capture page.

●  Use Pay Per Click (PPC) ads to share free educational content such as e-books, e-courses and webinars to build trust with new visitors and encourage reciprocity. You can then ask the visitor to fill out a contact form to access the free resources.

●  Use social media ads to share compelling content with your target demographic. For example, after hosting a Twitter Space about Choosing the right influencers for your brand, encourage visitors to sign up to access a full recording of the conversation for future reference.

●  Leverage email marketing to share valuable content with a lead and encourage them to share further information with you. For example, when a lead fills your contact form after reading a Twitter marketing article, you can use their email to share free Twitter templates to improve brand engagement, then ask them to share further information such as the company they work if they interact with the templates.

2. Offer Compelling Rewards

Lead capture landing pages are all about exchange- what you offer the lead versus what they give you. To engage the lead’s curiosity and drive them into action, you need to give them valuable content. You can offer:

●  E-books: Share in-depth information on a specific topic with graphs, charts, and images.

●  Whitepapers: Use whitepapers to share information on products to help visitors make purchase decisions.

●  E-courses: Invite your visitor to watch videos or read typed courses and learn new skills they can apply directly in their business.

●  Product demos: A detailed product demo is a great way to display how your product can help a potential client while collecting contact information.

●  Free trials: Offer free trials to encourage visitors to sign up and try your product.

●  Templates: If you are selling online products to B2B businesses, free templates are a great way to show what your product can do.

●  Newsletters: Encourage visitors to sign up by sharing unique information in weekly or monthly newsletters.

3. Create Better Lead Capture Forms

A lead capture form is the main part of an effective landing page. The form helps you capture visitor information in exchange for valuable content. However, to convince visitors to share contact details, you need a well-designed lead capture form. Here are tips for optimizing the lead capture landing page.

  1. Position the lead capture form correctly

Your lead capture form should be easily available on the page. Your visitor should not have to scroll down to find your form. However, while you need a visible lead capture form, you also want to avoid spooking the visitors with aggressive lead capture forms.

●  You can place the lead capture form alongside the offer. For example, if you are providing a free e-book, place your capture form on the left side, next to your free products to remind the visitor what they are getting in exchange information.

●  Alternatively, you can place the capture form in the middle after a brief introduction to the content and guide the visitor towards the bottom of the page to access the content after filing your contact form.

  1. Choose the correct length of your lead form

Generally, short lead capture forms encourage visitors to share details because they don’t take a long time to fill and also ask for few details. If the form is too long, most visitors weigh the time it takes to fill the content and choose to ignore the form. Creating multiple short capture forms for recurring visitors helps you collect more contact information and improve the quality of leads for your business.

  1. Select the type of lead form

The type of information you should ask for in your lead capture forms ultimately affects the length. Ideally, you want to avoid asking for too much information or asking for the wrong information. However, aim for enough information to qualify and contact a lead.

You can use fields such as names, company name, and email address to contact a lead. Other fields such as website, number of employees, position at company, location of business, and business type are great fields for qualifying a lead. You can also include optional fields that allow your visitors to describe their business challenges in detail.

  1. Provide your privacy policy

Most people have privacy concerns especially when sharing information online. You need to reassure your visitors about their security. Attach your terms and conditions and link to your privacy policy right at the bottom of the lead capture page.

  1. Always add a submission button

Add a submission button for your visitors to click after keying in their details. The buttons help visitors commit to the action. Remember to lead up each button with a CTA or use actionable buttons e.g. Choose Plan, Submit, Send me this link, and Join Free.

  1. Select the right software

Choose the right software to help you create unique, branded, and optimized contact forms for your business. Select software that helps you design contact forms for different landing pages such as signups, evaluations, payments, surveys, and more in your respective industry.

4. Create Clear and Engaging Headlines for Your Lead Capture Forms

After studying your audience and creating engaging content for them, make sure the headlines on your lead capture landing pages are clear and match the intentions of the page.

For example, a suitable title for an e-book on lead capturing campaigns on Twitter is Learn in 10 Steps How to Launch a Great Twitter Lead Capturing Campaign.

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