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Use form tooltips to provide assistance in web forms

To create a better user experience, you need to make your users feel comfortable on your site.

To create a better user experience, you need to make your users feel comfortable on your site. One of the techniques is to use tooltips that provide some information about elements of your interface. This is a simple and quick way that can be widely used. You just have to know how and where to do that.


So, what exactly is a Tooltip?

Tooltips are those little boxes that appear when you hover over a button, and they provide information and instructions about what will happen when you click. This is a great way to give users all the information they need without overwhelming them. 

Tooltips can also help users better understand difficult choices or complex options. When used wisely, tooltips can be an important UX tool, helping users understand complex options in a clearer way. Every good form has them, and we think yours should too.

3 Strategies for Improving User Experience with Tooltips

  1. Contextualize your form assistance

With tooltips, you can annotate your web form with helpful or contextual text. For example, you might use a tooltip to explain the purpose of an image or provide instructions on how to interact with a particular element. Tooltips are useful when users need clarification of what content is available on the web form or instructions on how to interact with that content.

  1. Assist with the completion of forms

Tooltips are an efficient and useful way to present users with information in several instances. For example, when providing input in a form field or when providing navigation options, tooltips can offer help when users don’t know the proper way to fill a field or aren’t aware of how to move forward in the interface.

  1. Explanation of complicated features

If users don’t understand what your form is asking them to do, they can quickly get uncomfortable. That’s why you often find tooltips helpful. They can be really useful if you want more detail on something your users might not understand.

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