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Exit surveys are a great way to learn from your users

Exit surveys are a great way to learn from your users and find out why they leave your web form. The most common survey providers are Hotjar, Qualaroo and Google Forms

Surveys can be either qualitative or quantitative. 

How do qualitative and quantitative questions differ?

Quantitative survey questions are used in initial research, defining a research project for the right target audience. Qualitative questions are often open-ended and help answer "why” and gain context about quantifiable data and understand hard-to-quantify behaviors.”

Source; Pollfish

The “why” part is specifically important to understand. Your users intent for arriving at a landing page with signup, lead generation or order forms is key to high form completion rates. If you are driving highly qualified users to your form, then you have a transactional intent which is a part of the lower part of the funnel. 


Google Micromoments

If you’re running an exit survey it can be useful to ask your visitors which of the presented options is their primary reason for abandoning your web form

Compare those reasons with your keywords/queries in the Performance Report in Search Console data for the landing page where your form is.

For example, some of the top queries in Search Console for Responser are:

Form abandonment, reduce form abandonment, form abandonment rate, form abandonment tracking and abandoned form software. 

In other words, it would appear that visitors are already getting what they are looking for.  Getting user intent from exit surveys mixed with data from Google Search Console is a great way to increase your CTR and user engagement for your lead generation pages.

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