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Are You Planning An Award Show? Use Award Forms To Earn The Votes!
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Award forms provide the easiest way to collect nominations and votes for your organization's next award show or contest. They can be used in conjunction with a free voting form, or by themselves to collect votes from anyone who visits your page. Nominations, votes and winners can be calculated using Order of Merit Points or Number of Votes, and you can even create a customized nomination message based on a certain number of nominations out of a set number of awards.

With award forms, you can recognize students with the ease

Even the most efficient and organized university can be bogged down by paperwork and approvals. When you’re trying to recognize students, alumni, and staff for their achievements, paper forms can slow things down. A solution? Award forms.


Award forms make it easy to recognize achievement and do so electronically — allowing you to breeze through applications and approvals with ease. If your next award ceremony involves recognizing achievement electronically, this means you need an award form.


Award forms can be an efficient time-saver for even the most unorganized group of administrators, making them a must-have for any university that wishes to recognize achievements in a timely manner.

Form Types

  • Awards Nomination Form
  • Scholarship Application
  • Award Application Form
  • Adoption Certificate Form
  • Award Certificate Form
  • Contest Registration Form
  • Scholarship Application for High School
  • Award Entry Form
  • Alumni Award Nomination Form
  • Graduate Management Awards - Nomina

Why it’s important to invest in employee awards and recognition

What started out as a simple thank you for hard work has now evolved into something much more than just giving awards to your employees? Award forms are used for numerous purposes, including celebrating success, reinforcing positive behaviour, creating an avenue for staff input, and recognizing the overall organization.


By offering online award forms that are easy to build and deliver award certificates in a timely manner, your organization will benefit from the positive impact awards have on employee morale. Award forms have been growing in popularity among companies looking to simplify how they recognize employee accomplishments.

Form Types

  • Employees Contest Registration Form
  • Employee Nomination Form
  • An employee of the Month Voting Form
  • Responsive Awards Nomination
  • Employee Flexibility Award form
  • Employee Entry Upload Form
  • Golden Rule Award Nomination Form
  • Award Nomination Form
  • The employee of the Quarter Voting Form

With award forms, you can easily appreciate people’s extraordinary work

Each year, we tend to make awards and give recognition to those who deserve them most. This is because it gives us the chance to help people appreciate the meaningful work that they do here in our organizations. Making awards is one of the ways of motivating and encouraging people to work hard and put their best foot forward. This also keeps you on track and makes sure that you are consistent with your goals and targets for the year.

Form Types

  • Research Travel Award Application
  • PTF Award Initial Nomination
  • Excellence Awards Survey
  • Science Fiction Awards U21
  • Award Nomination
  • Together We Can Award Nomination
  • Innovation Award 2019
  • Book Award Application
  • Conference Organizer Award Application
  • Training Awards Nomination Form
  • Guest list Form 2020
  • Year End Award Nominations
  • ASA Award Form
  • 2020 vision awards
  • Auctioneers Hall of Fame Application


Award Forms

Have you ever thought about hosting an award show or contest for your organization? If you have then you know that collecting all those nomination forms and voting ballots can be a difficult task. Well, with Award Forms it has been made easy to help make this process easier on everyone involved.