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9 Ways to Make Your Candidate's Application Experience Better
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Job application forms allow you to view the applicant’s experience, contact details, cover letters, and resumes all in one place. This makes it easy for recruiters to instantly swift through applications on any device — no need for pesky paperwork! Once your job application form goes live, don’t underestimate the power of incentives that will encourage your candidate to complete it.

You can’t just go for any tips. You need to know what works and what does not. These tips will help you with that. They are all tested until they work. So, just go through them all and use them in your recruitment process.

1. Try it out for yourself

If you want to test your candidate experience, it’s quite simple. Put yourself in the position of a candidate looking for a job, start by searching for available jobs and go through the process of applying for them. 

It’s always easy to blame potential candidates for not applying when in reality, if that candidate would have had a good experience applying for your jobs they might have applied.

2. Make the application easier to understand

Have you ever spent hours perusing through countless resumes to find the best candidates for open positions? It's an arduous part of building a successful company. With the job application form, you can reduce the time spent on applications and resumes by over 50% and allows to hire better, and faster.

Form Types

  • Simple Job Application Form
  • Employment Application Form
  • CV Application Form
  • Discord Staff Application
  • Generic Job Application
  • Cleaning Job Application Form

3. Make communication a top priority

If you’re looking to hire great candidates, communication is one of the biggest keys to that. There are a number of things that stop applicants from communicating with their prospective employers throughout the application process, but it’s important for employers to understand what those reasons are and how to best manage the communication throughout the entire process.

It’s no secret that the number one complaint people have when applying for jobs is a lack of communication. It’s also something that businesses experience regularly. One of the main reasons why it happens is due to a lack of structure and process. 

You can fix this problem and provide the proper communication experience for both your applicants and hiring team members with job application forms.

Form Types

  • Recruitment Application Form
  • Labor Application Form
  • Babysitter Application Form
  • Resume Collection Form
  • Tutor Application Form
  • Quick and Easy Job Application Form

4. Make the procedure more explicit.

Each company has a different hiring process. Use this opportunity to build trust with candidates by clearly communicating the steps they need to get hired. Talk about how long it will take, what you’re looking for, and why each step matters. This is your chance to get your message across about who you are, what you do, and how you hire. Use every opportunity to share your story with job applicants; it’s key to attracting talent.

Form Types

  • Job Seekers Application Form
  • Web Developer/Programmer application Form
  • Online Internship Application Form
  • Teacher Application form
  • Truck Driver Application form
  • Caregiver Job Application form 
  • Simple Employee Application form

5. Assist candidates in their preparation

Candidates often approach interviews without the knowledge necessary to perform well. Research shows that interviewees remember about 10% of what they’ve learned at the time of the interview. 

It's a good idea to send out a standard communication package to candidates a few days before their interview to ensure that they are as productive as possible. This could include information such as company history, product profiles, and bios of the recruiting team, among other things.

Form Types

  • Online Application Form for Qualified drivers
  • Artist Application Form
  • Security Employment Application Form
  • Online Staff Registration Form
  • Fashion Model Application form
  • Landscaping Job Application Form
  • Employment Application Form

6. Communicate the culture

Company culture is a hot topic right now. One of the best ways to show your company’s company culture is through video. These videos don’t have to be big but should demonstrate that you have a human-focused organization that cares about their team while providing a way for candidates to get a feel for the company culture. This all can be done with the help of a job application form.

Form Types

  • Graphic Design Job Application Form
  • Basic Employment Application Form
  • Basic Employment Application Form
  • Sample Job Application Form
  • Employment Application - Long Form
  • Restaurant Application Form

7. Make the interview easier to conduct

While the interview process can be stressful for candidates, many of them can be eased by knowing the details about how the process works. Write up a quick flow chart on your website’s career page, include it in your email to candidates after they’ve applied, or show it to them at the start of an interview.

Form Types

  • Online Interview Questionnaire Form
  • Photographer Application Form
  • Job Request Form
  • Casting Fill-out form
  • Detailed Resume Form
  • Salon Application of Employment

8. Rejections should be delivered in a sensitive manner

When you carefully craft your replies, candidates will appreciate it. They’ll understand why they didn’t get the role and how to improve themselves for the next go around. In sum, review each application as if you were the candidate and treat them as such. This level of consideration will win you many loyal fans who will happily apply to your organization again in the future.

9. Obtain feedback

A candidate’s experience with your company is just as important as their background and the competencies they bring to the table. In fact, the candidate experience is negatively correlated to employee retention, which can ultimately impact business operations. Solicit applicant feedback via phone, email, or a post-interview survey. Analyze and enhance your operations using the data you've gathered.


Job Application Forms

Eventually, when it comes to recruiting, there are many ways to beat the competition. One of the best is to be considerate of your candidates, make them an offer they can’t refuse… error! I mean give them a smoother application experience by using some job application forms.