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Order forms have been around since the dawn of time when man used to use simple stone tablets. There are many different types of order forms, which is why it’s so difficult when you suddenly need one. Some are designed for selling products and others are for collecting donations or information about your members. For your convenience, we collected a broad variety of online order forms in this article. We hope that this will help you make your choice easier and solve some of the problems you might encounter.

Food & Beverage Order Forms

In the age of the Internet, it becomes harder for companies to get and keep customers. It's hard to differentiate your business in a sea of competitors. That is why businesses must be creative when looking for new ways to attract people to their site and their services. Oneway to get people's attention is by adding a Food & Beverage order form on your website. 

Order Forms are a commonly forgotten component of food and beverage establishments. Unlike cash registers (and their receipts), many owners of restaurants or bars don’t think about an additional way to increase business sales.

These are the forms that hotels often need

Form Types

  • Cake Order Inquiry Form
  • Birthday Cake Order Form
  • Wedding Cake Order Form
  • Cupcakes Order Form
  • Cake Order Form
  • Colorful Cupcake Order Form
  • Custom Cake Order Form
  • Cupcake Order Form
  • Theme Cake Order Form
  • Bakery Product Order Form
  • Bread & Pastry Order Form
  • Girl Scout Cookie Order Form
  • Bagel Order Form
  • Bakery Facebook Order Form
  • Bakery Products Order Form
  • Custom Bakery Order Form
  • Stripe Example: Cookie Order Form
  • Pizza Order Form
  • Sandwich Order Form Template
  • Festival Food Order Template
  • Detailed Food Menu
  • Restaurant Pre Order Form

Photography Order Forms

Whether you're a photographer or just want to make more sales as an individual, wouldn't you agree that sales with order forms are easier than those without? Sure you do! Order forms broaden thes cope of your business and allow for business growth. They also keep the buyer engaged in the process of actually buying something, instead of losing them along the way.

Form Types

  • Sports Team Photo Order Form
  • Kings and Queens Photography Order Form
  • Youth Photography Order Form
  • Photo Shoot Order Form
  • Product Photography Order Form
  • Prom Photography Order Form 
  • Digital Photo Transfer Order Form
  • Sports Photography Order Form 
  • School Photography Order Form

Purchase Order Forms

You’ve heard of e-commerce or electronic commerce? It’s definitely a hot topic, as online shopping is taking over.Today, if you want to stay competitive and make your business as profitable as possible, you have to use order forms.


Tracking business leads is necessary any time you want your business to start growing. But it’s also important when you’re trying to increase sales and boost profits. A great way to do this is by using order forms.

Here are some helpful Purchase OrderForms to use.

Form Types

  • Office Furniture Purchase Form
  • Online product purchase form
  • Property Purchase Order Form
  • Wholesale Purchase Order Form
  • PayPal Purchase Order Form
  • Online Store Order Form
  • Sports Shop Order Form
  • Custom Apparel Order Form
  • Women's Fashion Order Form
  • Shoes Order Form
  • Online Clothes Order form

Product Order Form

Skyrocket your workflow, improve customer satisfaction, and increase your bottom line. It's as simple as adding a product order form to your website. Being able to place orders online offers clients convenience and saves staff time. Having a product order form on your website will help you: Increase sales, boost customer satisfaction, Cut down the number of phone calls


These are the forms one might want to use.

Form Types

  • Wedding Package with Price Change
  • Clothing Order Form
  • Order Form with images, sizes, and quantity options
  • Jewelry Product Order Form
  • Stripe Online Food Order Form
  • Business Card Order Form
  • Multi Page Product Order Form

Ticket Order Forms

Ticket order forms are effective ways to sell tickets for events or concerts without the use of a ticketing partner.By switching from a traditional online ticket form you can increase your profits and sell more tickets. Attendees tend to forget to pick up their tickets which leaves no one in line at the door, saving you from turning away customers due to capacity issues. Ticket order forms are also an excellent marketing tool that allows you to collect information about your audience and communicate with them before, during & after the event.


Below are the purchase order forms that you can choose from.

Form Types

  • Buy Tickets Form
  • Buy Tickets for a Sports Event
  • Purchase Tickets Form
  • Buy Tickets Now
  • Concert Ticket Order Form
  • Raffle Ticket Form
  • Document Delivery Form
  • Rail Ticket Booking Form


Order Forms

If you’re using an eCommerce platform, why aren’t you taking advantage of your store’s order form? Order forms are the core of all eCommerce transactions. Every sales tarts with an order form. Whether it’s a simple contact form or your company’s actual sales page order form, every business should have one.