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Collecting signatures online can be a very effective and affordable way for nonprofit organizations and charities to spread the word about their causes and get the support they need. By using online petition forms, non-profit organizations and charities can raise awareness and mobilize support to help their causes.


Each of us has probably signed petitions at some point in time. Petitions are one of the most basic examples of the concept of democracy, so it’s not strange that anyone can collect people’s signatures easily online today.


However, there is always the danger you won’t get enough signatures. For this reason, if you’re collecting signatures to do something good for other people, there are many things you can do to get people to sign your petition. One common tool that allows anyone to create their own petition easily today is petition forms.


There's strength in numbers so get everyone you know to sign your petition!


Starting a petition can be an easy way to spread awareness for your cause. The process of creating a petition might seem difficult to do, but with this tool, it will be much easier. Petition forms are easy ways to share different content and information about your cause. This allows you to quickly put together a petition that you can disseminate. You can easily engage your supporters into becoming even more involved in your cause by sharing your petition form with the public at large.

Use petitions for local and national government issues that you support

Do you need help with a Government issue? Start a petition and let everyone know what your issues are. Use the form as a way to let people know what you think is important and how your participation impacts the outcome. Once you have gathered signatures for a specific issue you can then contact the relevant office and explain your position. Most Government Agencies will respond within a few weeks.

Form Types

  • Candidate Petition
  • Online Petition Form with E-Signature
  • Form Generator | Petition Form
  • Online Petition
  • Online Petition Signing Form
  • Petition Signup Form
  • Sign-On Letter Form
  • Legal Form for Petitioning
  • SGA Senate Petition Form

You can use petition forms for social matters and publicize them easily

There is something about submitting a petition that is so incredibly easy and effective. People power can be used to force a change in the status quo on any number of issues. One doesn't have to be a legal expert or even a political activist to use the petition system. Simply providing information on why something should be fixed is enough for petitioners to secure their desired outcome.

Form Types

  • Petition Form for Road Improvement
  • Petition conflict in brief
  • Petition Letter to Town Council
  • Lake Pleasant Road Improvement petition form
  • Legislative petition Form
  • Request for Attorney Representation form
  • Client Intake Form - Divorce without children
  • Gang Injunction Removal Petition Form
  • Sheriff Candidate Petition form


Petition Forms

 The internet is a wonderful thing. It makes communication easy and allows people from around the world to speak their minds. However, it also makes it easy to set this type of petition up to fail. If you don’t take the time to set up a properly designed campaign, people will send you to form letters with no information about what they want, and you might not even get a chance to respond. The best way to avoid this is by using a petition form that allows you to create a number of different petitions on the go.